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Enjoy This Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Footage from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Actor Mark Hamill playing Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back
Lucasfilm, Disney

From the moment Luke Skywalker appeared on screen in A New Hope in 1977 up through the season finale of The Mandalorian which just recently aired, the wondrous universe of Star Wars has entranced fans for decades. Now, you can take a peek behind the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back in this rare exclusive footage from Good Morning America.

Even though it’s been 40 years since the second film in the iconic Star Wars trilogy first premiered, you can enjoy a piece of it that’s never been seen before. The seven minutes of exciting footage include a commentary from the movie’s filmmakers and stars as well as bloopers and clips from various sets and locales seen in the movie, including Cloud City and Hoth.

In the clip, Mark Hamill states, “When I read the script, it was so unexpected. Usually when you do a sequel, they want to just repeat the experience. And, you know, that would mean that the second film would end with exhilaration and triumph. It was so daring. I don’t think we were ever able to be that surprising again because it was deeper, it was more cerebral, it was more spiritual, the fact that we faced defeat at the end.”

It’s certainly exciting to hear cast and crew members talk about the movie, and to feel old seeing how young Carrier Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Billy Dee Williams looked. If you want to watch The Empire Strikes Back again, it’s currently available on Disney+.

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