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ESPN+ is the Latest Streaming TV Service to Hike Its Price


Everything old is new again … including skyrocketing cable streaming TV prices. ESPN+, the online-only version of the long-running premium sports package, is the latest to raise its rates. Film and TV trade reporter Variety says that both the annual subscription price and the cost of UFC Pay-Per-View events will go up in the new year.

Specifically, the annual subscription cost for ESPN+ is rising from $50 to $60, while the add-on UFC events will rise from $65 to $70 each. That’s the second year in a row that the UFC fights have been bumped—they got the same $5 boost in January of 2020. The monthly ESPN+ subscription option was boosted from $5 to $6 in August. ESPN+ can still be bundled with Hulu and Disney+ (all under the same parent mega-company) for $13 a month, a savings of $6.

Streaming TV prices going up is nothing new. We’ve seen especially dramatic rises in “cord cutter” packages that include live television broadcasts, like YouTube TV—ESPN+ broadly fits into this niche with its focus on exclusive college football games, mixed martial arts, and other hard-to-find sporting events. The service also offers original sports-themed documentaries and archived games.

The price rise will go into effect January 8th. If you’d like to lock in a lower rate, subscribe to the yearly package before the cut-off date.

Source: Variety via The Verge

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