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Dell’s 2021 Monitor Lineup Includes Built-in Webcams and a 65-Inch Touchscreen

Dell Ultrasharp 40-inch promo image

Dell makes some of the best monitors on the market, and it’s rolling into an all-digital CES 2021 hard. The company pre-announced new models from 24 inches all the way up to 65 inches (which I guess would be more of a business presentation TV?). Some are refreshes of existing designs with new features, some are entirely new products.

Let’s start with the new Ultrasharps, from the smallest to the largest:

Ultrasharp 24 (U2422H) and 27 (U2722D)

Dell Ultrasharp 24-inch promo image

The smallest and cheapest of the new line, this basic model will cost $360 when it goes on sale on March 30th. It features a 16:9 1920×1080 color-accurate IPS panel with all-around thin bezels, and a new “joystick” OSD controller on the rear, a popular choice and a departure from the last Ultrasharp design (UXX19 series). It features three USB-A ports, all on the rear panel, which might be a contentious change for some users, with a maximum power output of 15 watts.

A pair of USB-C ports, one upstream and one downstream, offer a little future-proofing, though USB-C video is not in the spec sheet. Two DisplayPort ports (in and out) allow for multi-computer use and “daisy chain” display setups, which is a rare feature, and still has an HDMI port for more basic devices. An audio-out port, along with compatibility with Dell’s snap-on speaker accessories, round out the features. This is still a design that’s meant to be an entry level for workstations that need high-quality color and a long-lasting display on a budget.

Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch promo image

The upgraded version of the Ultrasharp boosts the IPS panel to 27 inches and a QHD (2560×1440) resolution. It comes out on March 30th for a significant bump over the 24-inch version: $580.

Ultrasharp 24 and 27 with USB-C Hub (U2422HE, U2722DE)

Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch promo image with USB-C, rear

More or less the same screen as above, but with added USB-C powers. This alternate version adds the ability to display and charge a USB-C laptop at up to 90 watts, with a built-in RJ45 Ethernet port in the monitor itself for fast, one-plug connection to the screen, USB accessories, and local wired networking. It does have a significant upgrade beyond that USB-C port: a third DisplayPort video input. The extra capability will cost you an extra C-note for a $460 retail price, available March 30th.

The USB-C variant of the new 27-inch panel gets the same boost as the 24-inch USB-C version. It lands March 30th for $680.

Ultrasharp 38 Curved with USB-C Hub (U3821DW)

Dell Ultrasharp 38-inch promo image

Now we’re talking. This upgraded version of the U3818DW, which we reviewed last year, gives it a slightly more modern all-silver look. It keeps the ultrawide resolution of this huge panel, 3840×1600—4K with a little sliced off the top and bottom—with the same 2300R curve factor. Video connection options include USB-C, DisplayPort, and dual HDMI, and it has the same 90-watt USB-C charging and Ethernet port as the upgraded 24- and 27-inch monitors above. Save your pennies for this one: it will cost $1500 when it hits Dell’s online store on January 28th.

Ultrasharp 40 Curved (U4021QW)

Dell Ultrasharp 40-inch promo image

This is certainly the crown jewel of the Ultrasharp line for this year, with a huge panel outputting a resolution of 5120×2160—basically a 4K screen, plus a little extra to make it an “ultrawide.” The 2500R curve is more dramatic than similar panels, and it’s packing an integrated “auto KVM” switch, picture-in-picture modes, and an Ethernet port for work flexibility. Its video inputs include two HDMI, one DisplayPort, and USB-C, and it features three USB 3.0 and one USB-C-out port, with a maximum of 90 watts of power delivery.

Dell Ultrasharp 40-inch promo image, bottom connections

You’ll be paying for the privilege: the retail price is a whopping $2100 when the U4021QW goes on sale January 28th.

24, 27, and 34-inch Video Conferencing Monitors (C2322HE,

C2722DE, C3422WE)

This new design series from Dell focuses on work teams rather than pure utility. Its various extras are all focused around packing in all the hardware you need for a video conference: a pop-up 5MP webcam (with infrared for Windows Hello), a noise-cancelling microphone, and integrated dual 5-watt speakers. It even has a dedicated Microsoft Teams button…which can hopefully be re-bound to other tools, if you don’t use that.

Dell Video Conferencing Monitor, 24-inch

They feature the same USB-C charging and Ethernet port options as the Ultrasharps, though Dell’s press materials don’t make any claims about the panel quality or color accuracy. Despite the added weight of a webcam and speakers, these monitors are VESA compatible, making them a good fit for multi-screen setups. DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C video are options, though oddly the 34-inch models loses daisy chain DP support.

Dell Video Conferencing Monitor, 34-inch

The Video Conferencing series comes in 24-inch (1920×1080), 27-inch (2560×1440), and 34-inch curved (3440×1440) varieties, all available on February 16th. Prices are surprisingly reasonable, considering all the tech that’s packed in there: $520, $720, and $1150, respectively.

55-Inch and 65-Inch 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C5522QT, C6522QT)

Remember when meetings with video presentations were a thing? Dell appears to be banking on them returning, with a pair of TV-sized 4K touchscreen displays clearly meant for large presentation crowds. The 55-inch and 65-inch 4K screens include 20-point multitouch and an included stylus, plus dual 20-watt speakers. There’s also an interesting “Screen Drop” feature, allowing users who can’t reach the top of the panel to drag the digital image down with dedicated buttons on either side. USB-C video input is mentioned in the press release along with 90-watt power delivery, and users can insert a Dell Optiplex small form factor PC into the ready-made slot in the rear. There are three USB-A upstream and downstream ports, along with triple HDMI inputs plus DisplayPort.

Dell 65-inch touch display

Dell isn’t saying how much the new Interactive Touch Monitors will cost when they launch on March 30th. This is probably one of those “if you have to ask, it’s too much” situations.

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