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These Are the Best Places to Sell Your Old Laptop Online

MacBook Pro and its colorful wallpaper reflecting on keyboard, with lid almost closed

Maybe you were lucky enough to get a brand new laptop for Christmas. Or maybe you are wondering what the most cost-effective way to get rid of your old college laptop is so you’ll have enough money to buy a new MacBook. Either way, we found tons of great online and local options for selling yours today.

Before you get started, you’ll need to take a moment and jot down your laptop’s hardware specs. These include its model, year, screen size, processor speed, RAM, storage, and color. These things are what buyers will be looking for, and if you clearly note these up front along with some quality photos, you’ll have the best shot at making a good cash grab from your sale. If you’re not sure where to find them, you can find them in your computer’s Settings App.

Sell It Online

Opting to sell your laptop online, rather than in person or with a trade-in, is super easy plus it’s your best bet at getting the most money for it. And, the real bonus? These websites typically take care of collecting the money and shipping details, so you don’t have to stress about it. Some even step in when an issue arises with a potential buyer, which is a nice perk.

It’s worth noting that websites that’ll host your listing will require you to fill out a profile, connect a payment option, and upload product photos. Some may even handle the logistics of payment and shipping from their end but may take a fee from your end. No matter which option you choose, we recommend taking a moment to read over their Terms and Conditions and perusing their FAQs to make sure you have a solid understanding of how things work and whether or not you’ll be responsible for any fees.


Mercari best used goods online shop for shipping no in-person meet ups

Mercari is a popular destination for selling all kinds of things, including laptops. Creating a listing on the site is free, so you can easily list your device along with a brief description, some photos, and whatever price you want to put it up for. However, Mercari has a flat 10% selling fee that’ll be applied once the sale is complete, so adjust your price accordingly. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for shipping as well.

Once your item is sold, you’ll receive a shipping label, then you’ll pack up your computer and notify Mercari once you’ve shipped it. From there, the buyer has three days to confirm that the product is as you specified. If everything looks good, they’ll agree and the purchase will go through (otherwise your laptop will be shipped back to you). Then you’ll rate the buyer and the funds will be added to your balance, which you can spend on the site or withdraw immediately.

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Decluttr buy and sell used iphones computers gaming consoles dvds ipods smartphones blu-rays

Decluttr is dedicated to selling used electronic gadgets, and the site makes it super easy to sell all kinds of laptops. Rather than creating a listing that other buyers can see, you’ll literally just be selling your computer to Decluttr so they can resell it on their site. You can get an instant estimate for your laptop simply by typing in the correct model and telling the condition it’s in. If the estimate is agreeable, then you can create an account and proceed.

To create your listing, simply select what type of device you want to sell and decide how you want to receive your payment (either through direct deposit or PayPal). Decluttr will then send you your Welcome Pack and free shipping label, then you’ll send off your laptop. And don’t worry—it’s fully insured during transit. Before you get paid, Decluttr will determine the condition valuation of your computer and you’ll collect your money.

It’s worth noting that your device’s valuation may change during Decluttr’s in-person Quality Assessment Process when its team assesses your laptop to ensure it’s in the same condition you said it was. You’ll receive a notification once the valuation is complete, which will notify you of any price changes based on it. You then have a 14-day grace period to decline or accept the revised price; if you do accept, your payment will be processed.

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OfferUp buy and sell your stuff locally become an online seller

OfferUp makes it easy to sell your laptop (and tons of other items) locally in person or to ship your goods online to buyers who are further away as well. It’s free to post and browse items on OfferUp, and it’s an especially popular website for selling used stuff, especially because it merged with LetGo (a similar site).

It only takes a few moments to create a seller account on OfferUp and upload your product, along with some relevant details and photos and your desired price. The site also enables you to chat with potential buyers to negotiate prices and agree upon a meeting place where you’ll make the trade. OfferUp doesn’t charge for in-person sales, but if you ship through them, there is a 12.9% sellers fee. You can create and manage your account on OfferUp’s website, or via its apps.

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Sell It Locally

If you’d rather sell locally, that’s understandable. Most of these websites enable you to create a listing for your device that other people in your area will be able to see. Then it’s up to you to personally arrange a time and safe place to meet up.

Local Online Marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace search bar atop smartphone screen

There are plenty of options for selling your laptop in person to someone in your area. Choices like Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Craigslist are all well-known, so you should easily be able to find a place you like to list your laptop and get it sold. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have steep competition in selling your computer if you live (or list it) in a large city, compared to a small town. Also, laptops are generally considered to be big-ticket items, and more susceptible to scams so proceed carefully.

Whichever site you choose to post your listing on, make sure you do your best to verify that your buyer is legitimate and that you meet up at a safe and well-lit public place, preferably with cameras (like in front of a police station or gas station).

Trade It In

If you don’t want the hassle of creating a listing and dealing with dangerous randos during in-person trades, you can always just trade it in with Apple or Best Buy. Both retailers offer good trade-in programs and make the whole process quick and easy.

Best Buy

Best Buy Trade In program with picture of MacBook
Best Buy

Best Buy has a decent trade-in program that accepts laptops (and a whole bunch of other electronic gadgets). You can even get an online estimate for your device before visiting your local Best Buy or mailing in your machine. The evaluation only takes a moment and is absolutely worth doing, especially if your computer isn’t exactly brand new.

All you have to do is answer a few questions, like what the series, year, and screen size of your laptop is, then select your exact model. You won’t need to have your computer’s serial number on hand, but you will need to know how much memory and storage it has. The estimator will also have you provide a description of your device’s physical condition and whether or not it charges when plugged in. Then you’ll have your estimate and be able to proceed from there.

Best Buy notes that not every device is eligible for trade-in and that certain stores mayhave additional restrictions. What you’re offered in store may also vary from your online estimate based on in-person inspection. You’ll be notified of its valuation, then it’s up to you to accept or decline it. This is an easy option, but it’s not going to be the one that fetches you the largest sum of cash.

Get Your Best Buy Estimate

Click to see how much your old laptop is worth through Best Buy’s Trade In program.

For MacBooks: Apple

Apple Trade In program picturing two phones being held

If you’ve got a MacBook and none of the above options float your boat, you can always have it meet its maker; that is to say, trade it back to Apple. There’s nothing wrong with going this route, but it isn’t the one that’s likely to net you the most money, unlike selling it online. You will probably get more money here than with Best Buy, however. Just keep in mind that Apple states that values may vary depending, on whether you trade in your computer online or take it into one of its stores.

On its Trade In page, Apple states that you can trade in your device for credit towards your next purchase, or opt for an Apple Gift Card. According to Apple, you can expect to get anywhere from $380 up to $1,530, depending on which MacBook you have and what condition it’s in. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your computer to determine its quality, then Apple will provide you with a competitive trade-in estimate and you can decide what you want to do from there. The whole process is straightforward and easy, and your best bet if you don’t want to spend tons of time trying to find the right seller.

Trade in your MacBook to Apple

You can trade in your MacBook back to Apple on Apple’s site.

Now that we’ve discussed all of your options for selling your laptop—be it online, in person, or through a retailer’s trade-in program—hopefully you have an idea of what you want to do with yours. It ultimately comes down to whether you want a fast and easy sale, or to spend some time and effort trying to net a higher price.

You’ve got the best chance of getting more money with the online options, but it’s likely to take longer to find a legit buyer willing to pay a higher price. Likewise, you might not earn as much money trading in your MacBook back to Apple, but if it’s in decent shape, you can quickly get your estimate and be done with the whole process.

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