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Jlab’s JBuds Frames Turn Your Favorite Glasses Into Open-Air Headphones

JLab JBuds Frames

We’ve seen designs that integrated glasses frames and headphones, like the Bose Frames, Amazon’s Echo Frames, or even the ancient Oakley Thumps. But they all required you to retire you current glasses or sunglasses in order to use them. Jlab has fixed that: its JBuds Frames are a pair of tiny speakers that clip onto the frames you already own.

I suppose these technically count as “true wireless” in the same sense as earbuds, since the JBuds Frames use two separate Bluetooth modules that clip on to the temple (the little stick part that hooks behind your ear at the end). They have a lot of the same features, including basic water resistance, control buttons, and the ability to work alone or in a pair.

Though they look similar to bone conduction headphones like Aftershokz, they’re simply downward-firing speakers that angle towards your earlobe. Bose is doing something similar with its Sport Open Earbuds. JLab says that the tiny driver won’t disturb those around you, though of course that’s open to interpretation.

Jlabs frames with charging cable

The two separate modules charge via proprietary POGO pins, with eight hours of playback. There’s no included case, but since they hang out on your glasses, presumably you won’t need one. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is the price: just $50 when they launch in the spring.

Source: The Verge

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