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Look, Don’t Touch: Alarm.com Debuts the First Touchless Video Doorbell

A photo of the Touchless Video Doorbell, which features a printed "Do Not Touch" label.

Delivery drivers touch our doorbells every day, but we rarely (if ever) take the time to clean the buggers. And while CDC guidelines state that COVID-19 spread through contaminated surfaces is “uncommon,” picking up the virus from a doorbell is within the realm of possibility. Alarm.com aims to remedy the problem with its Touchless Video Doorbell, which chimes when a visitor enters its piercing gaze.

When the Touchless Video Doorbell detects a guest, it automatically chimes, sends a notification to your phone, and begins recording a 1080p HDR video (or an IR video if its dark out). You can observe a live feed from the doorbell on your phone or computer and communicate with guests through its built-in loudspeaker.

The Alarm.com Touchless Video Doorbell floor mat accessory.
It’s kinda ugly, but it gets the message across. Alarm.com

But how well does the Touchless Video Doorbell work? Alarm.com claims that the doorbell uses advanced person detection to avoid false alarms and annoying chimes in the dead of night. Still, guests need to stand directly in front of the doorbell to trigger it. For increased accuracy, Alarm.com suggests buying its awkward floor mat, which features the words “STAND ON MAT TO RING DOORBELL” in large print. (The doorbell itself has a similar message printed on it, so you can get away with using any mat.)

The Touchless Video Doorbell integrates with your smart home like any other video doorbell. You can use it to trigger lights, cameras, or smart speakers. Of course, the Touchless Video Doorbell works best with Alarm.com security products.

Alarm.com’s Touchless Video Doorbell is available for “under $200” through the company’s network of service providers. Scroll down to the bottom of the company’s Video Doorbell page to see if there are Alarm.com service providers in your area.

Source: Alarm.com via Business Wire

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