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Twinkly’s Latest NanoLeaf-Like Smart Lights Move Beyond Christmas

A series of LED lights in various shapes and forms.

If you visited any Christmas section at a local big box store, there’s a decent chance you saw Twinkly lights in action. Twinkly lights aren’t just your common Christmas LEDs, they’re smart, controllable by apps, and even synchronize with music. But with the new Twinkly Home range, the company is stepping out of Christmas and into your home.

Like the previous products from Ledworks (the company behind Twinkly), the new home range comes with Twinkly’s proprietary Computer Vision mapping tech. With it, you can detect the exact position of every LED in your lights, then use that information to create visual effects, and sync the LEDs together. You’ll connect the Home Ranger products over Wi-Fi, and they’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also connect over Bluetooth, and control the lights with the Twinkly App (for iOS and Android) or Razer Chroma RGB.

Starting With the Led Strip

LED strips in living rooms and bedrooms.

It’s not a smart light company if you don’t have an LED strip option, and the Twinkly Line fits that requisite role. The Twinkly Line group consists of a 100-pixel RGB LED strip, and a 100-Pixel RGB extension.

It will release in Q2 2021, but Ledworks didn’t list pricing yet.

Lighting Through Tubes

An LED tube shaped as a heart, and as the word "Love"

Classic LED strips look nice from a distnace, but they don’t always spread light in a uniform fashion. Twinkly’s Flex is a tube-LED system, similar to Philips Hue’s Play gradient lightstrip. As the name suggests, you can bend the LED Flex to create shapes, like a heart or spelling out a word in cursive-style text. The LED Flex contains 200-pixel RGB LED to maximize light and color options.

It will release in Q2 2021, but Ledworks didn’t list pricing yet.

LED Squares—A Nanoleaf competitor

LED squares, forming mosaic-like pictures of the Mona Lisa and Pac-Man

Nanoleaf took the world by storm with its unique and premium lighting system. The Twinkly Squares takes on that concept, but goes a different direction. Rather than focus on large shapes, like squares and hexagons, Twinkly’s small squares act more like pixels. That means you can create mosaic-like artwork, or perhaps even your favorite 8-bit games. The squares connect to each other to expand your options.

Each square is a 64-pixel RGB panel, and they come in bundles of 9 or 15 panels. The Twinkly Squares will arrive in Q4, 2021, with pricing to be announced later.

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