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Monument Valley Is Getting Its Own Movie Under Paramount Pictures

You know that cute puzzle game Monument Valley with the faceless protagonist that you played for a few minutes every day for a while? Well, it’s getting a feature length film.

The game developers announced on Twitter that Paramount, working with Weed Road Pictures, will be developing the largely silent game into a film, to be directed by Patrick Osborne. The studio is currently looking for a screenwriter to give the game a story big enough for a movie. Monument Valley does have something of a story, but it would be overly generous to call it cinematic as it is.

So, how exactly do you turn a mobile game with very little dialogue into at least a 90 minute film? Well, if you want to get a sense of how they pull it off, you could take a look at Patrick Osborne’s directorial debut, Feast. This short film about a dog who loves junk food played before the 2014 film Big Hero 6. With very few spoken lines of dialogue (and none from the main character), the short tells a heartbreaking story that would make a Pixar animator tear up.

The last time we saw a popular mobile game adapted into a movie, it made a decent chunk of money, but it wasn’t exactly a critical success. Still, color us intrigued. While we re-download Monument Valley 2 for another play through.

Source: Deadline via ustwo Games

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