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Strap a Theater Screen to Your Face with TCL’s Wearable Display

A TCL Wearable Display on a white background.

Augmented Reality (AR) was all the rage for a hot minute, but it didn’t take off outside enterprise uses, like Hololens. Sometimes for a product to reach consumers, simpler is better. TCL’s latest wearable won’t change the world around you; instead, it’ll give you access to a giant screen without the need for a giant space. The TCL Wearable Display effectively gives you a 140 inch TV you can fit in your backpack.

But don’t mistake the TCL Wearable Display for a glasses-sized VR system; they aren’t that either. The glasses solely function as a screen for watching stuff like movies and TV shows. But by bringing the displays so close to your eyes, you get the same effect watching a 140-degree inch TV from 4 meters away. You’ll need to provide a source for the material, though.

A wearable display that looks like glasses.

The wired display connects to smartphones, Windows and Mac laptops and desktops, or just about anything else with a USB-C out port. Each lens houses a 1080p mini OLED display with a density of 49pixels-per-degree (PPD).

TCL didn’t list a price yet for the Wearable Display, but it did hint that it’s working with partners to bundle them with a 5G phone. It’ll come to select markets later this year.

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