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The Best iPhone Armbands And Waist Belts For Running And The Gym

Whether you use your iPhone to track your workout, listen to music, or more, there’s a good chance it’s coming with you on a run or trip to the gym. These armbands and waist belts will keep it safe.

Plenty of activewear lacks pockets (and if there are pockets, good luck getting a phone in there) so you need to improvise. We’ve taken a look at some of the best iPhone armbands and waist belts out there.

There are thousands of options available, but you’d be surprised how cruddy most of them are. Given you’re storing an expensive phone on your arm or around your waist—and while you’re moving around quite actively—you don’t want the device to slip free and end up lost or damaged.

With that in mind, we’ve made sure to focus on armbands and waist belts that will definitely keep your precious phone safe. In some cases, there’s even a little room to store other items too such as your keys. Here’s the best of the bunch.

Best Over All Arm Band: Tribe Water Resistant Armband ($10)

Just want a straightforward armband that keeps your iPhone snug to your arm while you’re out and about? The Tribe Water Resistant Armband is the perfect armband for this. It’s far from glamorous looking, but it works for pretty much all iPhones as well as Samsung Galaxy phones. It has an adjustable elastic velcro band for securing it to your arm, regardless of your arm width, and there’s a slot for storing your key.

Made from a mixture of soft Lycra, Neoprene, and premium brushed PU, so it’s reasonably comfortable, as well as water resistant. Once it’s strapped on snugly, expect it to stay in play for the duration of your workout.

Best Lightweight Arm Band: Sprigs Armband ($23)

Many armbands are made from stretchy but somewhat synthetic material, which means they can feel pretty sweaty after a long session. The Sprigs Armband is a pricey alternative that features breathable materials, so you’ll feel more comfortable during that hot half marathon you intend to complete.

Available in a variety of different colors, the Sprigs Armband works kind of like a sling for your phone. It stretches to fit pretty much all phones, with the edge of the phone sticking out a little at the top. It uses built-in grippy dots to keep the armband steady on your arm, so you don’t have to worry about slippage. It’s machine washable too.

Most Flexible Armband: VUP Running Armband ($16)

The VUP Running Armband bucks the fixed-orientation trend by allowing you to rotate your phone up to 180 degrees. It’s a neat design that means you can easily orient the phone in line with your view and hand. It’s ideal if you’re someone who wants to check notifications and updates on their phone regularly without stopping to yank it out of the band.

Besides the cool design trick, it’s made from breathable lycra and neoprene, to help keep it dry and odor free. It works with most Android and iPhones, even if you use a case, thanks to the stretchy four-point corner hold design.

Best Sleeve-Style Armband: E Tronic Edge Phone Armband ($13)

Keen on the Sprigs armband but not so keen on the price? Buy an E Tronic Edge Phone Armband. Its material isn’t quite so breathable, but it keeps your phone snugly hidden away from any potential thieves, plus it’s half the price of the Sprigs equivalent.

The armband uses stretchy spandex material so any size phone works here, or you can use it to store something else important like your keys, wallet, or money. There’s a reflective logo too so you can be spotted while out in the dark.

Most Secure Belt: FlipBelt ($21-$29)

If a waist belt is more your kind of style, the FlipBelt is the one of the best out there. It offers multiple different pocket openings, all of which are safely secured away so it’s near impossible for anyone to grab anything without you noticing. The belt is large enough that you can hide your phone, keys, wallet, and even an asthma inhaler or medication.

It’s a comfy fit and guaranteed not to bounce as you run, plus there are no buckles involved so you don’t have to worry about chafing. It’s ideal for keeping your equipment safely out of harm’s way, even if it isn’t quite as cool as Batman’s utility belt.

Best belt for viewing your phone: Tune Belt Running Belt ($20)

Most phone running belts hide your phone away so you can’t easily see or interact with it. The Tune Belt Running Belt is different. Not only can you see your phone but you can interact with it through the window. It’s great for those times when you want to check messages, change your tunes, or start or stop your workout app.

Elsewhere is an extra pocket that’s ideal for storing cash, keys, or cards, with its opening protected by an elastic strip. Its water-resistant design also wicks moisture away from your skin, so don’t be worried about any excessive sweating either.

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