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Check Out This Origami Samurai Folded From a Single Piece of Paper

Remember when you learned how to make an origami goose? It probably looked terrible but gave the impression that you could make something passably pretty if you spent enough hours perfecting the art. Apparently, Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä put in the effort because he folded an epic looking samurai from a single sheet of paper. And it “only” took him 50 hours to complete.

Origami doesn’t have any true rules, but some “ethical considerations” are frequently debated. What material do you fold, must it be a square, can you employ cuts, tears, or adhesives, are all finer points of debate. So if those are the things you care about, you’ll probably be pleased to know that Könkkölä didn’t cut or tear his Wenzhou paper, but he did use some small amounts of adhesive.

Beyond that, it looks reasonably close to a “pure origami” (if there is such a thing) built. Könkkölä pre-folds and creases the large (68cm x 68cm) paper and then went to town folding. If you watch the video, he even covers some of the techniques he’s using and why. But after 50 hours, he ends up with a fantastic samurai folded from a single sheet of paper. Check out the video to see more.

via Kotaku

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