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The Third-Generation August Smart Lock Is Cheaper Than Ever at $100 Today

The third-generation August Smart Lock caught our eye in our roundup of smart locks. Back then we liked it at $150, but now that it’s down to $100 on Amazon, it’s an even sweeter deal.

In particular, we liked the third-gen August lock for renters, given its low price point and the fact that you can still use your normal door locks. Unlike the Pro version, you’d need a bridge to connect it to any voice assistants you may have. You can connect this version to your phone via Bluetooth and that’s about it. It’s a little bare bones, but at such a low price, it’s hard to resist.

The new August lock just came out late 2017, so getting a third off the price in just under a year is a welcome surprise. $100 is the lowest price we’ve seen it at since it first hit the market.

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