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Play the ‘2020 Game’ in 12 Glorious Minutes Instead of 12 Excruciating Months

2020 Game image
Max Garkavyy

2020 was a lot. It started bad, got worse, and kind of just kept on going from there. 2021 is looking up, for a variety of reasons, but perhaps you haven’t properly processed the grief from the last calendar year? And if you haven’t, perhaps five minutes playing a web game will fill the place of the therapy you can’t afford?

Okay, maybe not. But playing through one of the worst strings of disasters in living memory in adorable pixelated form might help a little bit. You can do just that in 2020 Game, a minimalist, web-based platformer that lets you literally run through the year’s biggest and baddest events. From the Australian wildfires to the spread of COVID-19 to financial collapses to the U.S. presidential election, you can try to survive (figuratively) the obstacles that are reduced to two-dimensional barriers and hazards.

The game is playable for free, in any browser as long as you have a keyboard. It’s a labor of love from indie developer Max Garkavyy. It’s a low-stress project, and you can get through the whole thing with the most rudimentary of game experience. And yes, there is toilet paper. Was there ever any doubt?

Source: 2020game.io

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