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There’s a New Smaller Version of That Blue Yeti Microphone Every Podcaster and YouTuber Uses

The Blue Yeti microphone has been a standard for high-quality home audio. Now, the Logitech-owned company is rolling out a smaller, cheaper version of its famed mic.

If you’ve ever listened to podcasts or watched YouTubers for any length of time, you’ve probably heard something recorded with a Blue Yeti microphone. This monster of a mic can pick up sound in several different recording patterns, making it ideal for picking up single-source audio, bi-directional audio (for, say, interviews), or whole-room sound. The original Yeti cost $130, and it was huge.

The new Blue Yeti Nano is about half the size of the full-size Yeti, for a mere $100. The price drop isn’t huge, but once it goes on sale for the first time (as the larger Yeti often does), it’ll probably get even more attractive. The downside is the small version loses a couple of recording modes. It can record audio in cardioid mode—which is ideal for one person speaking directly in front of the microphone—or omni-directional mode for whole-room audio.

The stereo mode that’s used to record music—so, for example, you could play a guitar directly in front of the microphone and get some left-right balance—and the bidirectional mode—for interviewers facing each other—aren’t available. For small productions with a single person, this compromise should be acceptable, in exchange for paying less money on a less bulky product. You can buy the new Blue Yeti Nano from Amazon right here.

Source: Logitech

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