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Get Nauseous Like It’s 1992 With ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ on Oculus Quest

an image from Wolfenstein 3D in QuestZDoom
Team Beef

Guten tag! Wolfenstein 3D is now playable on the Oculus Quest through the QuestZDoom game launcher. You can sideload QuestZDoom on your headset to start playing Wolfenstein 3D and other classic shooters in VR, or simply update to the latest version of QuestZDoom if you’ve used it in the past.

QuestZDoom uses a modified engine to bring Doom and other 90s classics back to life in VR. The launcher includes free fan-made recreations of games like Doom, Hexe, and Wolfenstein 3D, so you don’t have to worry about hunting down WAD files or paying for 30-year-old games. That said, you can use your old WAD files with QuestZDoom for a more authentic gaming experience.

Developed by DrBeef and other community modders, QuestZDoom is one of the most popular sideload applications on the Oculus Quest. DrBeef is also known for porting Half-Life and Quake to the Quest through the Lambda1VR and Quake2Quest applications.

To play Wolfenstein 3D on your Oculus Quest, download QuestZDoom and sideload the application to your headset. You can find a sideloading guide on the QuestZDoom website, or follow our detailed guide to sideloading on How-To Geek.


Sideload the QuestZDoom application to your Oculus Quest to start playing ‘Doom,’ ‘Wolfenstein 3D,’ and other classic 90s shooters on in VR.

Source: DrBeef via UploadVR

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