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Games to Play While You Wait for the Delayed ‘Prince of Persia’ Remake

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If you were a fan of the classic PlayStation 2 title Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, then you were no doubt excited for the 2021 remake that was supposed to be coming out this year—but unfortunately, that remake was delayed indefinitely. But no need to fret, as there are plenty of games out there that can help fill the void.

What makes a game similar to Sands of Time?  At its core, the original was a 3D puzzle-platformer with a focus on time manipulation and parkour mechanics. Those are the main elements we’ll be looking for, and while you won’t find anything that perfectly matches Sands of Time’s tone and gameplay, there are plenty that strikes similar beats.

Note: A few games on this list were originally released during the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era. While modern Xbox systems support a lot of 360 games, the same can’t be said for either the PlayStation 4 or 5 when it comes to PlayStation 3 games. Due to this, we won’t be mentioning PlayStation 3 releases of games unless they are also available on modern PlayStation consoles.

Assassin’s Creed (PC/Xbox)

If your favorite part of Sands of Time is the platforming mechanics and you just want more of that, Hot Lava is happy to deliver. This game is chock-full of excellent levels that test your understanding of the game’s movement system all wrapped up in a great visual style. And even if you manage to burn through all the content in the game, the support for community-made stages is fantastic and will keep you playing for many more hours.

Pure Platforming

Hot Lava

A great platformer chock-full of fantastic levels.

Dying Light (PC/Xbox/PS)

Time manipulation has great potential when it comes to puzzle-solving, and Timelie aims to act on that potential. This top-down puzzler blends elements of stealth and strategy into the mix to create a thoroughly unique experience. Plan out your moves with the foresight time travel brings so you can be sure you finish each stage without a scratch. You even have a cat companion whose integral to many of the puzzles—what’s not to love?



A top-down puzzler with some great time travel mechanics.

Braid (PC/Xbox)

Braid is one of the most iconic indie games of all time, but more importantly for this list, it is one of the best examples of time manipulation in video games. This sidescroller sees you constantly adjust the flow of time for platforming, fighting enemies, and solving puzzles to reach the end of each stage. The visuals are unique, the music is fantastic, and the game is oozing with creative level design.

Braid was originally released for PC, the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and it can be played on modern Xbox systems. However, sometime this year a remastered version of Braid titled Braid, Anniversary Edition will be released with improved visuals on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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