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LEGO’s Latest BrickHeadz Are Adorable Bobble-Headed Fish and Bird Pets

LEGO Brickheadz Budgie

Fish and birds are harder to take care of than you might think: There are subtleties to their care that aren’t obvious if you’ve only had cats and dogs as pets before. But just like with its flower and bonsai tree sets, these new sets are semi-aspirational additions to your house that no amount of neglect can kill.

As members of the BrickHeadz line, the new Goldfish and Budgie (budgerigar) are meant to depict cartoonish versions of the subject matter, not the semi-realistic look of more expensive and elaborate sets. But both of them are expressively simplified, with larger and smaller fish and birds included in each. They even get themed accents and bases—dig the little seaweed and coral pieces for the fish. Alternative decorative crests are included for both sets.

LEGO Brickheadz goldfish

Both Budgie and Goldfish sets cost $15, which is a bargain for the former, as it’s 261 pieces (LEGO sets tend to go for a little less than ten cents a piece. Both of them will be available from the LEGO online store starting March 1st, with a retail rollout at the usual suspects following.

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