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Nokia Has (Allegedly) Put Entirely Too Many Cameras On This Unreleased Phone

Normally, we wouldn’t cover a leaked image of an unreleased phone, but this alleged pic of a Nokia phone looks a lot more like a prototype compound eye than a smartphone camera.

The image above (you can see the full image below) shows an unreleased Nokia phone featuring not one, not two, but five Zeiss camera lenses arranged in an arrow shape, flanked by a flash and another sensor of unclear purpose.

Why, exactly, Nokia would need five camera sensors on a phone is anyone’s guess. It could be a complex scheme to get an approximation of optical zoom out of small sensors that couldn’t otherwise do so, but it’s hard to tell just from a leaked image. Nokia may be planning some fancy image processing, or it may be a mad scientist’s attempt to fuse a fly’s eye with a smartphone camera. We’ll have to wait and see when (or if) this phone ever drops to find out.

Source: IT Home via The Verge

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