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iRobot’s Roombas Can’t Go Home, They’re Drunk—Update Weeks Away

iRobot vacuums on display in a store
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A recent update for i7 and s9 Roomba vacuums is causing them to act ‘drunk,’ according to various user complaints. The manufacturer, iRobot, confirmed to The Verge that a previous software update caused the issue, and that a new one is being worked on to prevent issues in the future. However, the update won’t be rolling out anytime soon.

The 3.12.8 firmware update has been causing a baffling variety of navigation issues. Users have reported their Roomba doing things like spinning around and bumping into furniture, getting stuck in empty areas, cleaning in weird patterns, and being unable to find their dock and return there to recharge. Some users are even alleging their environment maps were wiped out because of the update.

As a result, this update is causing issues, like the vacuums taking longer to clean and not being able to recharge since they aren’t finding their way back to the dock. iRobot is working on rolling back the update for affected customers, but in all likelihood, users may have to wait for a new update to roll out in order for things to return to normal. Fortunately, iRobot is expecting an update to start rolling out across the next few weeks, so hopefully we won’t have to wait long.

via The Verge

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