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Nerf Unholsters Its New Line of “Hyper” High-Capacity Quick-Shootin’ Blasters

New Nerf Hyper blaster with fast reloads and high-capacity storage

The only thing that could make Nerf guns more wonderful than they already are would be if they had higher capacities and could reload faster. Oh wait—they do that now! The newly-announced Nerf Hyper line reloads faster, shoots harder, and stores more rounds than ever before. So, basically, you’ll probably be undefeated in your next Nerf battle.

The line of blasters feature the company’s fastest reloading times to date, thanks to the smaller foam balls that take up less space. They also shoot harder and move at up to 100 feet per second, which is darn impressive. And best of all, you can fit more projectiles in these blasters, ranging from 40 to as many as 100. Plus, you can connect 50- or 100-round canisters, just like you would in paintball, for a little extra punch.

Person holding one of the new Nerf Hyper blasters with a protective mask on

Although Hasbro hasn’t set a firm release date for the line yet, so far it has announced three blasters:

  • Nerf Hyper Rush-40: This $30 blaster holds 40 rounds, and is a single-shot spring-action you’ll pack the entire slide for, including the hopper.
  • Hyper Siege-50: For $40, this pump-action blaster can hold 50 rounds. Its shotgun design features slam fire, so hold down the trigger and it’ll fire just as fast as you can pump.
  • Hyper Mach-100: This fully-automatic SMG design runs $70 and uses D batteries, and fires foam balls from its 100-round hopper.

Other blasters from Nerf have offered similar speeds and capacities, like the Prometheus that can hold over 100 projectiles, or the Rival, which can shoot over 100 feet per second. But it’s usually one or the other.

“In the volume where you would previously house 25 Rival rounds, you can now fit 100 Hyper rounds,” said Tom Warner, Hasbro SVP and general manager of Nerf in an interview with The Verge. These smaller blasters make them (and, by extension, you) more agile in battle. So be sure to load up on blasters, refill canisters, and ammo before stepping into the arena.

via The Verge

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