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The 8 Best Dual Monitor Stands

Ergotron LX Dual Monitor Stand and VIVO Freestanding Dual Monitor Stand pictures in a collage
Ergotron, VIVO

If you have more than one monitor, pairing them with the right stand can push your productivity to the next level. You’ll be able to easily move, angle, and adjust each screen to better fit your needs, and switching to a single mount instead of two individual stands will make your desk tidier. What’s not to love?

What to Look for in a Dual Monitor Stand

While a monitor stand may look simple from the outside, there are a few things to consider.

  • Mounting Type: All the stands on this list have VESA mounts, the standard mounting type for monitors. You’re going to need to make sure your monitors are VESA compatible, but that’s pretty easy; just look on the back of your monitor for four screw holes in a square formation. If those holes are there you’re good to go, but if not, you’ll need to find a compatible monitor if you still want a stand.
  • Support: This mostly pertains to what size and weight monitor the stand can handle. Mounts will typically list their maximum supported weight and monitor size on the storefront, and we’ll cover it here as well. So before you buy, make sure you know how big your monitors are and look up their weight—just to be safe.
  • Articulation: One of the primary benefits of monitor mounts is the increased flexibility when it comes to positioning. Articulation is what allows that, as the number of joints and how flexible those joints are determines just how much range you have available. Every stand on this list will allow you to angle, raise/lower, and orient your monitors between landscape and portrait modes.
  • Clamp vs. Freestanding: The two main types of mounts you’ll see are desk clamps and freestanding mounts. Clamp mounts clamp onto a side of your desk, while freestanding ones rest atop your desk like a normal stand. Neither is really better than the other, it just comes down to personal preference.

Best Overall: Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arm

Jarvis Mounting Arm

This clamp-on mount from Jarvis features a stylish exterior without sacrificing stability or articulation. It supports monitors up to 32 inches in size, can support weights up to 19.8 pounds, and features some internal cable management. Whether you want one monitor lower than the other, angled slightly, or positioned in portrait mode, the Jarvis mount lets you do it all. It’s also available in three colors: black, white, and silver.

Best Overall

Jarvis Monitor Mounting Arm

A sleek-looking monitor stand that features great stability and articulation.

Sturdy: Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Mount

Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Mount

If you need something a bit heftier, then Amazon’s premium mount should do nicely. It supports monitors weighing up to 25 pounds and measuring 32 inches. While the clamp itself is bulky, it guarantees stability along with the all-metal construction of the arms themselves. There’s plenty of room for adjusting the position of your monitors, and you can even pick up the laptop tray (sold separately) and attach it in place of one of the monitor mounts. You can also get this mount in either black or silver.


Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Mount

This stand's bulky build ensures it can support heavier monitors.

Best Premium: Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm

Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm

While this clamp-on mount from Ergotron is expensive, it makes up for that with a solid metal body, fully adjustable arms, and a sleek, modern exterior that’s sure to look great in your office. It can support monitors up to 20 pounds and 32-inches, and you can position your monitors in just about any way you can think of thanks to each arm’s numerous points of articulation. You can even stack the monitors on top of each other, but that’s only guaranteed to work for monitors under 24 inches.

There are some cable management routes to clean things up, an included laptop tray, and even arm extenders if you want your monitors more spaced out. The LX Dual Stacking Arm is also available in three colors:  white, black, and polished aluminum.

Best Premium

ErgoTron LX Dual Stacking Arm

The most flexible stand on this list, even if it's a bit pricey.

A Mid-Range Pick: HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

For the money, HUANUO’s stand offers a surprising amount of articulation and a sturdy build. It fits monitors up to 32 inches and 17.6 pounds and clamps onto your desk. It’s nothing remarkable, but if you’re on a tighter budget or don’t want to spend a lot on your mount, it’s a great option.

A Mid-Range Pick

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

A solid stand that blends the premium and budget tiers.

Best Freestanding Option: VIVO Dual Monitor Freestanding Mount

VIVO Dual Monitor Freestanding Mount

If you dislike clamp-on mounts, VIVO’s stand should be right up your alley. It still allows for a good level of choice when it comes to monitor positioning, has internal cable management, and the base, while a bit bulky, helps ensure the stand won’t come toppling down. The stand can support monitors up to 38 inches (which opens the door for larger ultrawide monitors) and 22 pounds. It’s a nice set of features for a more than reasonable price; in the world of freestanding mounts, this is a great deal.

Best Freestanding Option

VIVO Dual Monitor Freestanding Mount

If you dislike clamp-on mounts, then this model from VIVO should be right up your alley.

Budget Alternative: VIVO STAND-V002F


But if you’re on a budget, then VIVO’s less expensive freestanding mount should still work fine for you. It’s smaller, only able to support monitors up to 27 inches and 22 pounds, but does a fine job for the money. You can still rotate, angle, and position your monitors anyway you want, so as long as your monitors will fit this is a great alternative.

Budget Alternative


It may not be able to support larger monitors, but for those on a budget it's a great option.

Best for Smaller Monitors: VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

Speaking of smaller stands, if you’re looking for a clamp-on mount with full articulation but your monitors aren’t that big, then VIVO’s model can save you a bit of money while still delivering a quality product. This mount supports monitors up to 27 inches and 22 pounds and includes some cable management features as well.

Best for Smaller Monitors

VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

An inexpensive clamp-on mount that's great if you have smaller monitors.

Best Wall-Mounted Option: WALI Dual Monitor Wall Mount

WALI Dual Monitor Wall Mount

One of the main benefits of a monitor mount is saving space on your desk, and this model from WALI takes that to the extreme. Instead of clamping onto or resting atop your desk, this mount screws into the wall to support your displays. The arms are highly adjustable, it can support monitors up to 27 inches and 14.3 pounds, and it has some clever cable management features to ensure things don’t look too messy. If you want to reclaim your entire desk, then this is the mount for you.

Best Wall Mounted Option

WALI Dual Monitor Wall Mount

If you want to save as much desk space as possible, then WALI has the solution.

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