The iMac Pro Is Discontinued, Buy One While Supplies Last

The backside of the iMac Pro.

On March 5th, the Apple Store removed all configuration options for the iMac Pro, leaving just the $4,999 model and an ominous note that reads “buy while supplies last.” Now, Apple confirms that the iMac Pro is discontinued to make room for the 2019 Mac Pro tower and the upcoming Apple Silicon iMac.

Apple introduced the iMac Pro as a powerful all-in-one option back in 2017. Of course, it looks almost identical to the standard iMac, with a 27-inch display and an aluminum chassis. The iMac Pro’s only stand-out feature is its Intel Xeon CPU, which isn’t all that attractive in 2021 thanks to the non-pro iMac’s August 2020 upgrade, the launch of the Xeon-powered Mac Pro, and Apple’s transition from x86 to ARM.

Reports by Bloomberg suggest that a redesigned Apple Silicon iMac is coming later this year, and the Apple’s discontinuation of the iMac Pro hints that the company is gearing up for a big change. Other iMacs could lose their configuration options in the coming months, and as Apple Insider reports, Apple has already ceased manufacturing of 512GB, 1TB SSD iMac 4K models.

If you want an iMac Pro, you’re gonna have to settle for the $4,999 model on Apple’s website. Other retailers, like Best Buy, are out of stock.

Grab the $4,999 iMac Pro before Apple runs out of stock.

Source: Apple via Ars Technica

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