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Nimble’s Latest Eco-Friendly Chargers are Faster, Smaller, and More Colorful

A Champ power bank, PowerKnit cable, and Wally Pro charger.

Power banks, cables, and GaN chargers are convenient for your daily life but are usually bad for the environment. And not just when to go to a landfill, but because of the plastics and metals used to create them. Nimble wants to change that with its eco-friendly options, and its latest Spring 2021 collection includes updated power banks, cables, and GaN chargers. And this series is faster, smaller, and more colorful than before.

As always, Nimble sets itself apart by relying on certified recycled materials for all its manufacturing. The company promises that every item in the Spring 2021 collection will be shipped “carbon neutral in plastic-free packaging, and includes free access to Nimble’s national e-waste recycle program.”

“We’re now at a point where the consumer tech industry is fully capable of delivering products focused on the future,” said Ross Howe, Co-founder, and CEO of Nimble. “While recycled materials is the foundation, our approach also focuses on superior quality and forward-looking technology. This means our products last longer, so you consume less.”

The latest Spring collection comes in multiples “series” of options, Champ, Wally, and PowerKnit. The Champ series are some of the smallest power banks on the market, while the Wally series are small GaN wall chargers. PowerKnit, as the name suggests, are premium cables with a knit look made from recycled aluminum and plastic.

A Champ power bank plugged into an iPhone

The Champ series comes in two flavors, Champ and Champ Pro. Nimble says the Champ power bank is the smallest 10,000 mAD Power Delivery (PD) portable charger on the market. It can manage an 18 W Max PD and QuckCharge (QC) 4.0 output. The Champ has two ports, one USB-C and one USB-A. You can grab one in three colors, Turquoise, Charcoal, or Outdoor, for $49.95.

An eco-friendly portable charger

Champ Power Bank

A 10,000 mAh fast portable charger, made of recycled plastics.

A Champ Pro plugged into an iPad and an iPhone

The Champ Pro steps up to laptop charging and claims to be the smalling 20,000 mAh 60W PD portable charger on the planet. It can manage 60W Max PD & QC 4.0 Output and comes with one USB-C and one USB-A port. You can get pick one up for $99.95.

A more powerful charger

Champ Pro

Even more powerful than the Champ, but still made of recycled material.

The Wally series comes in three flavors, Wally ,Wally Pro and Wally Mini. Nimble says the chargers use 72.5% REPLAY Certified Recycled Plastic and promise they are a “smaller, more energy-efficient choice for fast charging laptops, smartphones, and other USB-powered devices.”

A Wally charger plugged into a Macbook Pro

The Wally can manage a 65W Max output and comes with three ports, two USB-C and one USB-A. It’s a GaN charger, which means it comes in at quite a small size despite its power. You can get the Wally in late Spring 2021 for $59.95.


Two Wally Pro chargers, one acting as a battery plugged into an iPhone, the other as a wall charger plugged into MacBook Pro.
Wally Pro

The Wally Pro is an all-in-one charger with a built-in battery to fast-charge laptops when you’re out and about. It can manage a 63W output and contains a 10,000 mAh battery for up to 30W portable charging. It has two ports, one USB-C and one USB-A, and is again a GaN charger. You can pick up the Wall Pro in late Spring 2021 for $99.95.

A Wally Mini plugged into both an iPhone and an AirPods case

The Wall Mini is a more portable charger and comes in at the smallest size of the three. It’s capable of a 20W Max output with PD Fast charge 4.0 or QC 4.0. It has two ports, one USB-C and one USB-A. You can pick up a Wally Mini today for $19.95.

A PowerKnit cable connected to an iPhone

But chargers aren’t much good without cables, and Nimble is ready to provide in that area too. You have two choices for PowerKnit, either a USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-C to Lightning (MFI Certified) option. Nimble used REPLAY-certified recycled aluminum and plastic to make the PowerKnit cables, and they’re capable of 60W PD Fast Charge 4.0 charging. You can pick up the cables today for either $19.95 or $29.95 depending on the length you want.

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