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Insta360’s New Go 2 Action Camera Is About the Size of Your Thumb

An action camera attached to a dog's harness.

In the world of action cameras, small size is a “feature” and the tinier you can get, the more useful the camera can be for travel and action shots. But go too small, and you lose other important features like controls, displays, and larger camera sensors. The new $299 Insta360 Go 2 tries to solve all that with a camera about the size of your thumb, and a case that acts as the remote controller, info display, and external charger all in one.

For all exciting things the Go 2 does, the charging case may be the best aspect of the latest update to Insta360’s action camera line. With most action cameras, you need to spend extra for tripods, remote controls, and mounts, but the case takes care of some of that for you. It has a built-in tripod, a small display that will give you battery and storage info, and it can serve as charger for the your camera—even while you are using it. And when you it to be, it’s a Bluetooth remote as well.

An Go 2 Camera connected to a case serving as a tripod.

But importantly, the second generation Go camera sees a few improvements over the original as well. It’s technically larger than the first Go, but it still comes in about the size of a thumb. And that larger size led to sensor and storage improvements. The new Go 2 can take 4K 60fps video, and uses stabilization techniques to keep knock out the shakycam effect. You can even turn on a horizon leveling algorithms for interesting effects on drones.

The camera also comes with several mounts, a nice bonus for any action camera. You’ll get a pivot stand, a hat brim clip, and a pendant clip, all three of which use magnets to attach to the camera. The Go 2’s lens is removable too, and you can swap it out with optional ND Filters for better color effects.

A Go 2 camera attached to a bike helmet.

Naturally the camera has Bluetooth capabilities to pair with the case for remote options. But it can also connect to your camera over Wi-Fi. That’s important because it doesn’t have a display due to its tiny size. Instead you can connect to your phone over the Insta360 app and view footage in real-time. You can even use the app to edit footage without downloading it first.

The Insta360 Go 2 is available now from the company’s website. A Minions edition will arrive later this summer, featuring a skin that looks like the iconic creatures from the Despicable movies.

A tiny action camera

Insta360 Go 2

At about the size of your thumb, you can’t ask for a smaller action camera that’s still useful. It comes with three mounts, and a case that acts as a portable charger, Bluetooth remote, and tripod.

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