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Incase You Dropped It, This $35 AirPods Pro Case Provides Impact Resistance

A set of AirPod Pro protective cases in Black, Blue, Black Volt, Rose Coral, and Grey Tangerine

When you buy a set of AirPods Pro, they come with a case naturally. But it’s a white, sleek affair that’s somewhat slippery. Drop it, and at best, you’ll scuff at the case. At the worst, you’ll break your earbuds. The new $34.95 Incase Reform Sports case aims to add a little more protection, thanks to its dual-layer design and optional lanyard.

The Reform Sports isn’t a total case replacement, mind you. Your AirPods Pro case slips inside the new case. But what you get is greater protection than Apple’s case provides on its own. In part, that’s due to a co-molded two-layer design comprised of a durable PC exterior shell and a cushioning TPU interior. The TPU inner layer is significant, as it will provide some shock reduction.

The backside of the Incase Sports Reform Case with a lanyard attached.

The outer layer should help, too, though, thanks to its perforated surface pattern. Incase says it should provide both a more grippy texture and work to dissipate heat, an important thing to pay attention to when charging any device. And speaking of charging, the Incase Reform Sports  case doesn’t interfere with AirPods Pro’s wireless charging capability.

If you worry about your gadgets getting grimy, the Reform Sports offers antimicrobial protection that eliminates and prevents 99.9% of surface bacteria. That doesn’t mean you can get away with never giving it a good cleaning, of course. When you’re out, the optional lanyard should be welcome, thanks to its hybrid design that attaches either through a traditional tie or a clip.

You can order the Incase Reform Sports case in Black, Blue, Black Volt, Rose Coral, and Grey Tangerine from the company’s site today, with other retailers to follow soon.

An impact resistant case

Reform Sport AirPods Case

Thanks to its two-layer design, the Reform Sports AirPods Pro case will protect your earbuds when you drop them. Comes in blue, black, black volt, rose coral, and grey.

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