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dbrand’s Limited Edition Robot Camo Skins Make a Second Run for All Your Money

An iPhone, Samsung Phone, Pixel, and Nintendo Switch controller covered in Robot Camo skins.

Smartphone aesthetics can be so dull. Usually, they come in black, and if you’re lucky, maybe there’s a silver, red color. That’s where dbrand’s skins and cases come in, sporting artwork no smartphone company would dare try. Best of all, dbrand just dropped a second limited run of Robot Camo, empowering your phone to announce “welcome robot overlords, please don’t kill me.” Get one, seriously.

If you haven’t seen dbrand’s robot camo before, we’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. Imagine your average camo print. Now stop, because that’s boring and old. Replace all that color with swaths of black and white robot heads, parts, ships, and the skulls and screaming spirits of the robot overlords’ victims.

An Xbox Series X covered in Robot Camo skin

What can we say, dbrand is nothing if not bold in its choices, whether that’s the designs it sells or the company’s marketing and brand spirit. If you visit dbrand, get ready to be insulted at least 4.3 times, so put on your thick skin. Then choose between skins and grippy cases.

You can get Robot Camo dbrand skins for laptops, gaming consoles, headphones, smartphones, and even a portable power bank. As long as your phone is recent and from a popular manufacturer, like Apple, Google, OnePlus, or Samsung, then you can probably get a skin. Surprisingly, even the Microsoft Surface Duo made the cutoff. All three major consoles made the cut, as did Dell and Lenovo laptops. And if it’s an Apple product of any kind, you can probably skin it.

A Rubik's Cube-style puzzle covered in dbrand's Robot Camo skin.

If you prefer a little protection for your smartphone, You can buy Robot Camo skins for dbrand’s cases as well. At least if you have a smartphone from Apple, Google, OnePlus, or Samsung. Anything else, and you’re out of luck. You buy the skin for the case style, and if you don’t already have dbrand’s case, grab that too.

With every purchase, you can pick up  Robot Camo skinned cube (in the style of a Rubik’s Cube), and a Robot Camo microfiber cloth. This is a limited edition release, too, so buy it now while you can. All you’ll have is your own tears to console you if you wait too long.


Skins and Cases

Robot Camo

When your phone, laptop, or gaming console really needs to say, “we know the robots will win, let’s hide.” Robot Camo is uniquely cut for every device, so no two instances should be exactly alike.

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