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Light up Your Next D&D Game with Pixel LED-Powered Dice

A 20-sided die with LED-lit numbers.
Systemic Games

If you’re into pen and paper games, sooner or later, you’re going to want a set of dice. And while there are tons of options (seriously, a boatload of choices), how many dice do you know of that connect to your phone and tablet, light up when you roll, and wirelessly charge? That’s what the Pixel Electronic Dice Kickstarter promises, starting at $39 for a single die.

A quick note about Kickstarter Projects:

Kicsktarters always come with the potential that you might not get the exact product you ordered or any product at all. This team does not have a known history or existing products on the market, and there are no guarantees will deliver on its promises. Back at your own risk.

Sure, you could buy glow-in-the-dark dice, but how often are do you pick up the (roleplaying) battleax in total darkness? Pixel Electronic Dice don’t just glow-in-the-dark; they light up. Roll them, and they can blink, change colors, or do strobe effects thanks to embedded RGB LEDs. The dice should last up to five hours before needing a recharge.

The resin dice contain LEDs, Bluetooth electronics, and a wireless charging coil. Because you wouldn’t want to fiddle with connecting to a plug after all. You’ll get a wireless charging case that varies in size based on how many dice you order.

But while the LED bit is super cool, the fact that you can customize how they act adds an additional wow factor. You can pair the dice with a companion app Systemic Games promises to release with the dice. There you can change how the LEDs react when you roll the dice, but that’s not all.

You can also make your phone play sound effects when you roll or upload the roll results directly to Roll20, Foundry, and other online platforms. Those platforms usually have you roll virtual dice, or you roll your own and manually upload the results. Pixel Dice give you the best of both worlds, letting your roll physical dice and instantly getting the results uploaded to the digital platform. 

The dice come in D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4, which should be everything you need for most tabletop games. You can get one die for $39, two for $77, four for $149, or a set of seven for $199. Anything less than seven comes with an individual charging case to recharge the dice. The set comes with a to-go case that accommodates eight dice and is a battery for the go charging. You can pick from various styles, including Midnight Galaxy, Aurora Sky, Onyx Black, and Hematite Grey.

Again, this is a Kickstarter, so you might just lose your money. But if you’re comfortable with that risk, these dice look great. You have until April 8th to back the Kickstarter. The stated goal is to deliver by March 2022.

Light-Up Dice

Pixel Electronic Dice

What more can you ask for in a set of dice? The Pixel Electronic Dice come in four different styles, and light up with awesome LEDs when your roll. They can upload their results to online platforms, and they even recharge wirelessly.

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