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The Best Smart Gadgets for New Parents

Collage with new moms watching babies in crib and swing
4moms, Snoo

While there is plenty of bliss to be had when welcoming your little one to the world, it also comes with lots of responsibility. With smart baby gadgets on hand, though—like video baby monitors, smart formula dispensers, and smart socks—you can enjoy a much-needed helping hand and rest easy, just like your little bundle of joy will.

iBaby Smart Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitor on table by new mother

Ensure the room your precious baby is sleeping or relaxing in has clean safe air with the iBaby Smart Air Quality Monitor. It can detect harmful air elements like carbon monoxide, methane, and more, and alert you via the companion iOS or Android mobile app. The clever monitor also has two-way audio speakers that allow it to double as an audio-only baby monitor, which new parents can use to keep tabs on the baby, and its built-in light can be used as a gentle night light or to entertain your baby.

Air Quality Monitor

iBaby Smart Air Quality Monitor

Monitor the air quality near your baby's crib to ensure it's clean and safe.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

wall-mountable Nanit smart baby monitor and companion mobile apps

With the wall-mounted Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor, you’ll always have an HD bird’s eye view of your bundle of joy no matter whether you’re out of the house at work or relaxing in the next room over. From the app (available on iOS and Android), you can view the live feed or use the two-way audio feature to soothe your baby if they are fussy. In addition to letting you keep an eye on your bundle of joy, it can also track their sleep stats and offer you guidance to help get them to sleep better—it even lets you take and save snapshots when they look extra cute.

Baby Monitor Camera

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Keep an eye on your baby from anywhere with this wall-mounted baby monitor camera and app.

MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

New mother watching over baby in crib

Few things are better for a new baby (and parent!) than a good night’s rest. With the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, you can help your baby achieve quality sleep every time you lay them down. The crib has a firm and flat sleep surface, with mesh siding for airflow and visibility. And the best part? It features five unique movement patterns to soothe your baby and improve their sleep, and it can play four sounds—ocean, fan, shh, and rain—which you can control through the iOS and Android apps. With so many combinations, it’ll be easy for your baby to feel comfortable and ready to sleep through the night.

Crib with Soothing Motion and Audio

MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep with this gently moving crib.

Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet smart sock and companion mobile app displaying metrics

Worrying about your baby and making sure they are happy and healthy can be a full-time job by itself. The Owlet Smart Sock can offer you a little peace of mind in this regard, by keeping a watchful eye on your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate. You can view readings in real time via the iOS and Android app, and get notifications when either leaves the safe zone. The Smart Sock fits babies 0-18 months or 5-30 pounds and can be worn on either foot. It has a 16-hour battery and can wirelessly quick charge for 8 hours of use in 20 minutes.

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing pad on table next to cute baby toys and companion mobile app on smartphone

You’ve got to love a device that can do two things at once, right? The Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale offers you (and your baby) a comfortable place for diaper changes while doubling as a weight gain tracker. It keeps a running list of your baby’s weight in between doctor visits, and can even measure how much your baby is drinking in each feeding (in both grams and ounces). From the app—downloadable for both iOS and Android users—you can view charts of past readings, and add additional approved caregivers so that everyone who watches your precious bundle is always in the know.

Smart Changing Pad with Scale

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

Check baby's weight as they grow, and even measure food and fluid intake/output.

4moms mamaRoo Smart Baby Swing

mamaRoo Smart Baby Swing by 4moms with baby and watchful mother in living room

Holding and rocking your baby to sleep is wonderful, but if your arms need a break or you’ve got chores to complete, let the 4moms mamaRoo Smart Baby Swing step in and help. It has five speeds and motion patterns and can play four built-in sounds you can choose from in the iOS or Android app. The adjustable recline options are good for sleeping babies or relaxing while awake, and the removable machine-washable seat fabric makes for easy cleanup. The swing is designed to hold babies up to 25 pounds.

Soothing Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo Smart Baby Swing

Keep baby relaxed and safe whether they're asleep or awake.

VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer

Parent holding thermometer reader while looking at baby in crib

With a continuous monitoring thermometer, you can see your baby’s temperature at any time, and be sure they’re not running a fever. The VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer does just that, and it will instantly alert you when their temperature rises above a preset number of your choosing. The thermometer has a 24-hour battery life and a backlit display for clear viewing at night. The soft silicone patch simply sits on the skin by your baby’s armpit during use, and is comfortable to wear and won’t hurt your baby; it’s also medical- and food-grade silicone for simple cleanup.

Baby Brezza Smart Formula Dispenser

Baby Brezza smart formula dispenser
Baby Brezza

Bottles are a handy alternative to breastfeeding but sometimes they can be a bother to make, especially in the middle of the night. With the Baby Brezza Smart Formula Dispenser, you can get a perfectly made warm baby bottle when you need one most. It works with all formula brands and bottle sizes, and you have full control over formula portions and temperature settings.

Smart formula maker

Baby Brezza Smart Formula Dispenser

For the perfectly-portioned bottle, every single time.

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