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Got a Logitech Harmony Link? Get Your Free Upgrade by Simply Contacting Them

When the news broke that Logitech was bricking their Harmony Link devices after stopping support, customers were rightly angry — and the backlash has now forced them to change course. They are still bricking your device, but now you can get a free Harmony Hub (normally $99) to replace your Link.

The great thing about the Harmony Hub is that you can integrate it with Alexa on Amazon Echo to control your TV or stereo, which does require a bunch of setup, but at the end you have voice control over your home media center, which is pretty great.

According to the Logitech blog, they will be contacting people to get their free replacement unit:

If you are a Harmony Link user, we will reach out to you between now and March 2018 to make arrangements to replace your Link with a free Harmony Hub, a product with similar app-based remote control features to Link, with the added benefit of controlling many popular connected home devices plus, it works with popular voice assistants.

Otherwise, you can simply contact them at https://support.myharmony.com/email and get the ball rolling on an upgrade now, which makes more sense than sitting around waiting.

[via ArsTechnica]

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