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The Best Tech to Upgrade Your Bedroom With

Top-down view of person sleeping in bed next to light on nightstand

When you think about bringing technology into your home or building out your own smart home, the bedroom is one of the rooms that tends to get overlooked. However, with smart gadgets like speakers, displays, bulbs, and mattresses, there are plenty of ways to make your bedroom a more comfortable and functional room.

There isn’t a wrong or right combination of tech you can choose here. Whether you grab just one thing from our list or spring for all of them, how you tech-ify your bedroom is based solely on your personal preferences (and budget). We tried to combine a variety of functional options along with some just-for-fun picks, too, to help make your bedroom a more relaxing space.

A Sleep-Tracking Display: Google Nest Hub

Person sleeping next to Google Nest Hub with sleep metrics on display

While Google’s small and admittedly adorable Nest Hub offers much more functionality—like playing YouTube videos, controlling your connected smart home devices, making video calls, and more— its real strength in the bedroom is its new Sleep Tracking feature. It senses both motion and sound, and tracks metrics like how long you slept and when you woke up. It can also make note of light and temperature changes along with various sleep disturbances, like snoring or coughing. It’s an easy way to track your sleep without wearing a fitness band all night or relying on sleep tracking apps.

A Sleep-Tracking Display

Google Nest Hub

Track your sleep quality, including metrics like coughing and snoring, with the Google Nest Hub available now in Google’s Store.

A Clock and a Night Light: Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Smart Clock Essential

For those that tend to wake up in the middle of the night, having a way to see what time it is without your scorching your eyes with your smartphone’s bright display is a must. Fortunately, Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential does just that. Its small footprint won’t take up much space on your nightstand, and its USB port gives you a way to charge your smartphone overnight. It also has a night light at its rear, which offers the perfect amount of light for gathering your bearings if it’s still dark out. Additionally, the Essential doubles as a smart speaker and is the perfect middle-of-the-road option for those wanting more than a smart speaker but not a full Nest Hub.

A Clock and a Night Light

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

This gentle display shows you the time and has a night light that’s not too bright.

Listen to Relaxing Music or White Noise: Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini smart speaker in Sky Blue

If you like to listen to something to help you fall asleep each night, the tiny Google Nest Mini is the perfect speaker. It can play your favorite songs, playlists, and podcasts, and you can even ask it to play white noise and other soothing sounds. The Nest Mini also doubles as an alarm clock and can interface with your personal calendar, so you can ask it what time your first appointment of the day is without getting out of bed. Plus, it allows you to connect with your smart home devices, so you can turn off the lights and lower the temperature for the night with a simple voice command or routine. It’s worth noting that the Google Nest Hub, which we mentioned above, can do all of these things as well. However, the Nest Mini is a better pick for folks who don’t want to spend Nest Hub money.

Listen to Relaxing Music or White Noise

Google Nest Mini

The small Nest Mini speaker is perfect for playing your favorite audio while you doze off. Get it now in Google’s Store.

Watch Some TV Before Bed: Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV device and remote control on light wooden surface

Falling asleep with the TV on is a time-honored tradition. Putting a Chromecast with Google TV on your bedroom TV will make it easy to find your favorite shows and movies from any streaming video service you use, along with live TV, as it centralizes all of your options into a single space. You can even set up a recurring timer through your smart home ecosystem (like Google) to automatically turn off your TV at a certain time, ensuring it’s not running all night long.

Watch Some TV Before Bed

Chromecast with Google TV

Connect the Chromecast with Google TV stick to your bedroom TV and find something good to watch while dozing off, now at the Google Store.

Voice-Command Lighting: Wyze Smart Bulbs

Four Wyze Bulbs tunable white

Smart bulbs are one of our favorite pieces of smart home tech here at Review Geek, as they offer tons of valuable functionality you won’t get with “dumb” bulbs. We recommend the 800-Lumen Wyze Bulb for bedrooms, as it doesn’t require a separate hub. You can use either voice commands or an app (iOS or Android) to control it, and even set it up to run on a set schedule that’ll continue to work even if you’re away on vacation. They’re perfect in lamps or in overhead lighting fixtures . You can also opt for Wyze’s color bulbs, which offer tunable whites and 16 million colors at up to 1100 lumens.

Voice-Command Lighting

Wyze Smart Bulbs

Enjoy 800 lumens of tunable white lights with this easy-to-use smart bulb from Wyze.

Illuminate and Charge: TaoTronics LED Wireless Charging Lamp

TaoTronics LED Wireless Charging Lamp

If you’re in need of a bedside lamp and prefer function over form, the TaoTronics LED Wireless Charging Lamp is a wonderful choice. Its streamlined modern design doesn’t take up much space, but still allows you to maneuver it in any direction for extra light if you like to read in bed. It also has a built-in wireless Qi charger in its base, for fast charging compatible devices at rates up to 10W, and a USB port for devices that don’t support wireless charging.

A Vibrant, Responsive Lamp: Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp showing off white and color lighting options

Likewise, for those who need a little style along with their functionality, we heartily recommend the Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp. It has a simple design and can put out color lighting in addition to plain white light. The lamp has a few buttons at the top that allow you to turn it on and off, and select a specific brightness and color mode. You can also control things from the companion iOS and Android apps. It’s more of an atmospheric light than a lamp you’d use for some nighttime reading, however, so keep that in mind.

A Vibrant, Responsive Lamp

Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

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Enjoy atmospheric lighting for a more relaxed or playful bedroom setting.

Charge All the Devices: Anker Wireless Charging Station

Anker Wireless Universal Charging Station

Nighttime is the perfect time to recharge both you and your devices. While you sleep, let all of your compatible devices—like your smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds—wirelessly recharge their batteries as well with the Anker Wireless Charging Station. The all-in-one charging stand supports compatible Qi-charging devices, like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Pixel Buds, and the Apple iPhone. That way everything you need to get through a day is ready to go in the morning whenever you are.

Charge All the Devices

Anker Wireless Charging Station

This wireless universal charging station from Anker lets you charge compatible devices, like smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, and more.

Make Your Dumb Gadgets More Useful: Wyze Smart Home Plugs

Two Wyze Plugs stacked on one another

If you’ve already got some older or “dumb” gadgets in your room, you can make them a little more useful with the help of a Wyze Smart Home Plug. You can plug in standard devices like lights, fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, and more, then control it with voice commands just like you would with a dedicated smart home device. While smart plugs aren’t necessarily the most exciting bit of tech, they do offer an extraordinary convenience you’ll be fond of immediately. Smart plugs do require the device or appliance to have a mechanical on/off switch, however, and not all devices have one.

Make Your Dumb Gadgets More Useful

Wyze Smart Home Plug

Connect older, non-smart gadgets (like humidifiers or lamps) into a smart plug and control them with voice commands.

Everyone’s a Fan of a Smart Fan: BOND Hub

BOND Hub to make remote-control fans smart

What smart plugs can do for lamps and air purifiers, the Bond Hub can do for remote-controlled ceiling fans. You can use the companion app (on iOS and Android) or your preferred smart voice assistant (like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) to turn your fan on, control its speed, and even turn on its light if it has one. It doesn’t even require any installation—all you need to do is plug in the BOND device, download the app , and point your fan’s remote at the BOND.

Everyone's a Fan of a Smart Fan


Make any remote-controlled fan in your house smart, and control it with the BOND app, by attaching this hub.

Stay Healthy: TaoTronics 6L Humidifier

TaoTronics 6L Humidifier

A humidifier is an easy way to help keep yourself healthy. It can stop cold symptoms as well as scratchy throats, nosebleeds, and cracked skin caused by dry air. The TaoTronics 6L Humidifier is a quality, affordable humidifier that’s perfect for large master bedrooms as well as smaller kids’ bedrooms and even nurseries. It automatically monitors the humidity in your room, keeping it between 55-65%, and includes a remote control for easy use even when you’re across the room. Its low-noise operation, waterless shut off function, sleep mode-dimming LED won’t disturb you as you’re trying to rest, either.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Reverie Customizable Mattress and Power Base

The R650 Adjustable Power Base (left) and the Dream Supreme II Hybrid Mattress (right)

You can buy everything on our list and put it in your bedroom, but if you don’t have a quality mattress and frame, it’s probably not going to do much to improve your sleep each night. If you’re looking to upgrade your current bed setup, we recommend opting for the R650 Adjustable Power Base along with the Dream Supreme II Hybrid Mattress. Both offer lots of customization options and premium comfort. The frame has both a tilting and Zero Gravity option and a massage mode for when you’ve had a super tough day. Likewise, the mattress keeps you from overheating at night and is comfortable for all types of sleepers and mattress firmness enthusiasts thanks to its unique “foam spring” system.

R650 Adjustable Power Base

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Get a supportive and adjustable powered base for your mattress, that’ll let you tilt it so it’s perfectly comfortable.

Dream Supreme II Hybrid Mattress

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This customizable mattress lets you adjust the firmness and support to your personal liking. Plus it stops you from overheating.

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