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Hubitat Smart Hubs Add Optional Subscriptions for Remote Access and Cloud Backup

A Hubitat hub on a shelf, by books.

If you want automated smart home that doesn’t require the cloud, look no further than Hubitat. The smart home company’s routines are far more robust than nearly any other option. And now, the company is adding optional subscriptions for remote access and cloud backup. The keyword is optional!

It’s easy to appreciate Hubitat’s decision to make its new subscriptions optional after the the fiasco that Wink went through. The latter company pulled a bait and switch of selling hubs while promising never to require a subscription, then adding mandatory subscriptions.

Hubitat’s new subscriptions, however, are entirely optional. They add new features, and don’t lock out any existing capabilities you might enjoy. You can continue on as you always have without paying for the new subscriptions, and be none the wiser.

The first subscription though adds a long requested ability that users are bound to like. Remote Admin will let you “access all of your hubs, including your rules, apps, device info and settings from anywhere with internet service.” Until now (and if you don’t subscribe), you couldn’t easily access your Hubitat-powered smart home when you out and about.

The best option was to get a VPN, but those generally cost a monthly fee and aren’t always fast (or secure). Beyond that, you could use riskier options like port forwarding, but if you wanted a Hubitat Hub for local control and security, that’s not a good option.

Remote Admin will let you access your hubs through Hubitat’s secure servers and requires password protection. Beyond that, all you need is internet service and a web browser. Your hub needs to updated to version 2.2.6, and the service costs $2.99/month. If you have more than one hub, one subscription covers them all. Right now, Hubitat is offering a free 30 day trial when you sign up.

The other new subscription, Hub Protect, acts as a cloud backup, hub transfer service, and extended warranty all-in-one. When enabled, Hub Protect will store up to five backup copies of your Hubitat settings, rules, apps and connected Z-wave devices on the company’s secure servers. You can set a schedule to back up your hub or initiate one manually at any time.

When you’re ready to replace your Hubitat hub, you can restore any backup to the new hub to make transfers easy and painless. And Hubitat Hub acts as an extended warranty, it protects your hub from hardware defect failure for as long as you subscribe. If you need a replacement, you’ll just pay shipping for the new hub.

To subscribe, your hub needs to be on version 2.2.6 or later. Hubitat Protect costs $29.95 per hub per year. If you get a replacement through the service, your subscription will automatically move to the new hub. Otherwise, Hub Protect can not be transferred to another hub and you’ll to pay for a new subscription if you buy a new hub. If you won more than one hub, you can add additional subscriptions for $19.99 per hub.

You can sign up for either subscription at the My Hubitat site.

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