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Curious How Big Fictional Planets Are? This Cosmic Video Compares Them All

Ficitonal planets size comparison

Ever wondered how fictional planets like Hoth, Romulus, and Arakis stack up size-wise in comparison to each other, or to Earth? You’re in luck. YouTuber MetaBallStudios (real name Alvaro Gracia Montoya) did the math and their awesome video shows all kinds of sci-fi planets, small to large.

The thrilling video sizes up pop culture planets, starting with human-size planets and going way, way up from there. It even features many of the planets in our solar system to make it a little easier to comprehend the overall scale. The video starts with “The Speck” from Horton Hears a Who, which measures just 0.9 millimeters, and ends with Star Trek‘s mind-blowing Dyon Sphere, which measures 200,000,000 kilometers.

The video is a delight for astronomy geeks of virtually every fandom, like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Starcraft, Halo, Star Trek, Alien, Dune, Marvel Comics, Transformers, Avatar, Metroid, Dead Space, Superman, Mass Effect, and many others. And okay, not every fictional planet is listed here, as that would make for a ridiculously long video, but the most popular ones are included.

Every planet listed also includes measurements, and Montoya’s sources for each are listed in the video’s description. Each measurement listed in white has a verified source, while those listed in yellow are approximate estimates. MetaBallStudios has tons of similar videos as well, comparing the size of other nerdy things, like fictional starships, land vehicles, and monsters.

via Nerdist

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