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The Best Individual Bean Bag Chairs For Every Space

A large bean bag chair is great if you have the room, but what about if you need something a little more subtle? We’ve checked out some awesome individual bean bag chairs for some cozy relaxation time.

Like when we checked out large bean bag chairs, these individual sources of comfort won’t replace your sofa or regular armchair. They are, however, pretty great for relaxing and lounging on something a little different from the norm.

As before, some are made from shredded memory foam while others are made from beans. Shredded foam tends to be quieter, but we favor beans for comfort and that traditional touch. Don’t forget to take the bag out of the box it arrives in too. It needs time to ‘fluff’ out so that it feels good and comfy.

Here are our pick of individual bean bag chairs.

Best For Limited Room: Big Joe Duo Chair ($38)

A bit of a bargain for an individual bean bag chair, the Big Joe Duo Chair is suitably cozy for one person, providing that person doesn’t have long legs. Yeah, this is a tight fit for anyone tall but that’s why it’s perfect if you’re short on space.

It’s filled with UltimaX beans which are a fancy form of bean that molds into your shape, with SmartMax fabric keeping you comfortable at all times. The cover isn’t removable so you’re restricted to spot cleaning, but the material is stain and water resistant. There are side pockets for storing items like remotes too.

Best For The Classic Experience: Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair ($50)

Want a traditional bean bag experience? Buy the Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair. It’s effectively a giant bean bag that you sit on. It’s not molded into the shape of a chair or anything like that—it’s simply a large bean bag that’s suitable for one person to sit on.

Like other Big Joe products, it’s made from SmartMax fabric which is stain and water resistant. It’s filled with UltimaX beans too, and it’s possible to refill as and when needed too. Mostly though, the Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair works so well because it’s so straightforward. You can sit on it, lay on it, or use it as a giant pillow. It’s just as versatile as the bean bags you remember when you were younger.

Best For Storage Options: Creative QT Stuff’n’Sit ($35)

Looking for a bean bag for your kids and you could do with creating some storage space for their beloved stuffed toys? The Creative QT Stuff’n’Sit is the option for you then. It’s essentially a bean bag cover with you placing dozens of stuffed toys inside the cover to form a bean bag. OK, so the comfort level may vary depending on what toys you toss in there, but kids should be pretty happy with it.

The moment they want to pull out one of their favorite toys, it’s easy to unzip and retrieve their favorite stuffed bear or dog. Plus, you have the advantage of having created some extra space in their room with minimal effort. It’s a win-win scenario.

Best For Kids: BeanBob Bean Bag Chair ($45)

Available in a variety of different sizes, the BeanBob Bean Bag Chair is ideal for kids of all ages. The one we’ve highlighted here is the 2.5ft variety which is good for younger children, but the sizes go up to 4ft for older kids. In all cases, there’s the option for a number of different color schemes so you can find something that suits your youngster.

Reassuringly, the cover is machine washable and has double stitched finishing so it can withstand the most enthusiastic of children. It’s got that old-school touch too, which will remind you of the bean bags you grew up with.

Best Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair: Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair ($99)

All the bean bags here are made from beans (or stuffed toys), so the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair offers something a little different. It’s made from shredded memory foam for a firmer level of comfort that molds to your body. It has a removable double stitched Microsuede fiber cover that’s soft to the touch, resistant to stains and machine washable. The cover is available in a fair few different color schemes too, so you can find something that suits you.

The downside is it’s pretty expensive compared to other options, but it’s pretty sweet if you want a classy yet fun individual bean bag chair for your games room or den.

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