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Fiat and Google Bring Voice Commands to Adorable Cars

A man looking at Google Assistant on his phone in front of a Fiat Car

Companies teaming up to make cross-branded products is nothing new (just see the evil incarnate that is Peepsi), but it’s rare to see a digital assistant so blazingly plastered to a vehicle. The new Fiat 500 Family Hey Google screams Google all over and comes with a couple of handy tricks.

The Fiat 500 Family Hey Google (we’re just going to call it Fiat Google from here on out) is essentially a rebadged Fiat 500, with the same car body stylings and features you may know and love from the car manufacturer. But you’ll also get plenty of Google-infused stylings, from the Hey Google badges to seat covers reminiscent of the Nest Hub’s swirling dot patterns.

A Fiat center dash with a Google Assistant display

You can get the Fiat Google in three trim levels—the Fiat 500, 500X crossover, and 500L MPV, and as you can expect, those models share the features of their standard Fiat 500 versions. But you’ll also get some Google-inspired capabilities to set it apart.

Car seats with a Google inspired dot pattern

Thanks to custom Google Assistant integration, you can use voice commands to turn on lights, check your fuel level, check if you locked the vehicle, and find local Fiat service stations. The car also gets a 7-inch touchscreen with Google Assistant built-in.

The side of a Fiat with a Hey Google badge

Anyone who purchases a Fiat Google even gets a goodie bag filled with Google-branded stuff, including a 1st generation Fiat-branded Nest Hub. You won’t be using that one to track your sleep, but the original Nest Hub is still a good smart display.

You can only purchase the Fiat 500 Family Hey Google in 10 European countries, including Italy, the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Poland. Here’s hoping the U.S. gets some love in the future.

Source: Stellantis

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