IKEA’s $8 TRADFRI HomeKit Smart Button Is Now Available Online

The IKEA TRADFRI smart home shortcut button.

After launching in-store earlier this year, IKEA’s HomeKit-compatible TRADFRI Shortcut Button is now available for order online for just $8. The smart home button can trigger routines for your IKEA and HomeKit devices, adding a layer of automation to any room of your smart home.

IKEA’s TRADFI button is just 3-inches wide, sticks to any surface, and comes with a mix of pre-made and blank labels. At $8, the it’s button is an incredibly cheap solution for smart home automation, though like all IKEA smart home devices, it requires a Zigbee TRADFI Gateway to connect with your router.

The online listing for IKEA’s TRADFI Shortcut Button was first spotted by u/MGGN2510z on the HomeKit subreddit. As some Reddit users note, ordering online might be the easiest way to get your hands on these buttons, as they’re mostly sold out in stores. Just keep in mind that IKEA doesn’t deliver to some areas, so you may need to go on a journey to find some TRADFI Shortcut Buttons.

IKEA sells a ton of affordable smart home devices, including light bulbs, motion sensors, and motorized smart blinds. These devices work with HomeKit but require a TRADFI Gateway. Some people have found success using TRADFI devices with other Zigbee hubs (like the Philips Hue Hub), so if you happen to have a Zigbee hub sitting around, try using it before buying a TRADFI Gateway.

IKEA TRADFRI Shortcut Button

IKEA’s new TRADFRI smart home shortcut button is now available online. Use it to automate your IKEA and HomeKit-compatible smart home devices.

TRADFI Gateway

IKEA’s smart home devices require a TRADFI Gateway to connect to your home internet. If you don’t already own a TRADFI Gateway, buy one so you can use the TRADFI Shortcut Button.

Source: IKEA via u/MGGN2510z, iMore

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