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All the 2021 April Fools Tech Pranks We Could Stomach

Photos of a cat, dog, mouse, and keyboard.

April Fools was canceled last year, for better or worse. But companies are going all-in this year, with gag products and sarcastic videos that should put a smile on your face. Here are the best April Fools jokes of 2021—or, more accurately, all the jokes that we could stomach.

We’ll update this list with new April Fools pranks at they go live. Check throughout the day for a good chuckle!

The Indestructable Satechi Cybermouse

The Satchi Cybermouse

Modeled after the angular Tesla Cybertruck, the new Satechi Cybermouse runs on an EV battery and features solar charging. Satechi says that it designed the Cybermouse with “bulletproof Super-Tough 2077 aluminum,” which we hope is more durable than whatever Tesla used to make its Cybertruck windows.

Marques Brownlee’s Mac Is Too Cute

Marques Brownlee’s review of the new “AI-powered” Mac is just too cute. Marques shows off Mac’s optical system, voice recognition, and speedy overclocking mode in this killer gag video. And yeah, Marques is pretty funny here, but Mac the dog is the star of the show. (Hopefully JerryRigEverything doesn’t review this new Mac … gosh.)

TaskRabbit TaskRabbits (Try Saying That 5-Times Fast)

an image of the Taskrabbit Taskrabbits page.

Add a bunny to your tasks! People hired through Taskrabbit are now accompanied by friendly bunnies to keep you company. All of the Taskrabbit bunnies have 100%-positive reviews, and are free with any task booked through Taskrabbit.

To make up for its April Fools joke, Taskrabbit is offering $10 off your next task with the discount code APRILFOOLS. If you need help mounting a TV, now’s the time to do it with Taskrabbit.

Stack Overflow’s Copy-Paste Keys

Stack Overflow's The Key
Stack Overflow

Every day, programmers copy and paste code from Stack Overflow, avoiding the time-consuming task of writing unique code by hand. And now, with The Key, programmers can finally replace their full-sized keyboard with the only keys they actually use—CTRL/Command, C, and V.

That’s right, Stack Overflow’s new The Key lets you copy and paste text without the strain and confusion of a full-sized keyboard. Better yet, The Key replaces the regular clicking and clacking of a keyboard with “the natural wonder of song bird chirps,” and sound that is “optimized to improve productivity and mood.”

Redbox Redball. REDBOX REDBALL.


Why rent movies outside a drugstore when you can pick up rentals from a Redbox Redball? Just request a movie from the Redbox app and wait for a Redball to roll up to your door. But watch out—Redbox says that the Redballs mean business and could run you over!

Hey, maybe now’s a good time to rent a movie. You can save $1 on a Redbox rental with coupon code APRILFOOLS.

Learn the Only Place You Can with Duolingo Roll

An advertisement for Duolingo Roll toilet paper.

I don’t know about you, but I only ever use Duolingo when I’m sitting on the toilet. The new Duolingo Roll makes learning Spanish on the loo even easier thanks to its printed lessons. Softer than a textbook and backed by science, the new Duolingo Roll proves that a daily five-minute bathroom break is all you need to learn a new language.

Surfshark ’95 Changes Your Location to … the Past?

An illustration of Surfshark for Windows 95.

Secure your web activity with Surfshark’s new VPN for Windows 95. The 5-disk VPN software package is available by mail-order today, and it only requires 16MB of RAM!

Oh wait, this is just a joke. To make up for the disappointment, Surfshark is offering 90s-styled wallpapers for free. Download one and take a trip to the past every time you fire up your computer.

Spigen Tough Armour: K9 Edition

Spigen Tough Armour: K9 Edition and Doberman.

Spigen is now using its knowledge of smartphone cases to design chew toys. Meet the Spigen Tough Armour: K9 Edition, a tough chew toy your dog can’t destroy. Spigen didn’t really elaborate on this joke, so I’ll just make some stuff up—the Tough Armor chew toy has a soft rubberized finish and doesn’t smell as weird and plasticy as other chew toys. It’s dishwasher safe, but it bounces so hard that it’ll destroy all your dishes and burst out the dishwasher in a blaze of sudsy glory. Yeah, that should be enough, let’s move on.

TubbyCoin Takes Teletubbies TO THE MOON 🚀

An illustration of the TubbyCoin

It’s time to move all your investments to TubbyCoin, the only cryptocurrency backed by hugs. That’s right, the Teletubbies are going straight to the moon 🚀 with TubbyCoin, a venture that will surely result in unlimited wealth and a Citizen Kane-style story. I can see it now, Po and Dipsy will come out on top after conspiring against the other Teletubbies. They will then lead a life of mystery and sadness, only to drift from society (and sanity) due to their unending loneliness and mass of wealth. Oh well.

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