Facebook Makes Controlling Your News Feed Much Easier

An illustration of Facebook's new News Feed features.

Facebook is making it easier to control what you see on your News Feed with the Feed Filter Bar, a new menu at the top of your News Feed. The Feed Filter Bar contains shortcuts to all your favorite news sources, plus the option to sort your feed chronologically and turn off political ads on the fly.

Over the last few months, Facebook has improved its News Feed with Favorites, a chronological sorting option, a Snooze tool, and various other features. These new options give you more control over what you see in the News Feed, helping you focus content that’s important to you. The new Feed Filter Bar brings all these new features and controls to one handy menu, making it easy to adjust your feed without going deep into Facebook’s confusing Settings.

Along with the new Feed Filter Bar, Facebook now lets you control who can reply to your public posts. This feature is more important for public figures and businesses than average people, but hey, it might come in handy the next time you want to arrange a garage sale or some other public activity through Facebook.

Facebook will also provide more insight in the “Why Am I Seeing This?” button, which explains why Facebook is showing certain algorithmically chosen content on your feed. The new Feed Filter Bar is available now on Android, with iOS support coming in the next few weeks.

Source: Facebook

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