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iiRcade’s $599 Bartop Arcade Cabinet Comes with a Digital Game Store

An arcade cabinet with "Double Dragon" on the screen

Usually with home arcade machines, usually what you buy is what you get. But iiRcade’s new $599 bartop-style arcade cabinet goes further. In addition to the 11 games it comes with, you can buy hundreds of additional games from its store. Add in Sanwa-style joysticks and buttons, and there’s plenty to like.

At $599, the iirRcade cabinet is very expensive for a bartop arcade. Similarly sized machines top out at $179 from Arcade1Up. But iiRcade sets itself apart by stepping up the quality. It’s one of the only home arcade makers packing in Sanwa joysticks in some of its units out of the box. It also boasts a larger 19-inch screen, and two sets of controls (where most bartops just have one).

A sideview of the iiRcade machine.

With an optional $150 stand, you can convert the iiRcade to a full-sized machine, and it will look the part despite its bartop origins. When you want to, you can skip the built-in screen and use your TV to play instead thanks to an HDMI port. And ,while it has two speakers, you can bring your own headset either through the included 3.5 mm jack or through Bluetooth. That’s an extremely rare feature in home arcade system.

But what might set the iiRcade machine apart the most is the digital storefront. Out of the box you’ll get 11 games, including Dragon’s Lair and Double Dragon. But thanks to the system’s Wi-Fi 5 adapter, you can connect to the internet for updates and to download additional games. Prices range between free for a game like Bomb Squad and $25 for a game like Dead Cells, but the fact that new games like Dead Cells is even an option is a welcome surprise.

A 'Double Dragon' themed arcade machine.

The iiRcade has either 64 GBs or 128 Gbs of storage, depending on the model you buy, so it should store plenty of games. You can get a generic look for $599, or choose from either a Dragon’s Lair, Double Dragon or Retromania Wrestling themed machine, with included matching stands, for $799. Stepping up to those latter two will get you genuine Sanwa joysticks. You can order an iiRcade machine from the company’s site today.

An arcade with a digital storefront

iiRcade Arcade Cabinet

High quality joysticks and buttons? Bluetooth and headphone jack adapter? HDMI out? A optional stand to make it full sized? What more could you ask for? How about a digital store front so you can buy more games?

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