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The New Hummer SUV EV Actually Looks Like a Hummer, Starts at $80,000

A green Hummer electric SUV

When GM announced its first Hummer EV back in October 2020, it went with a pickup truck look that only mildly resembled the classic Hummer. Now, GM is back with a new Hummer SUV EV, and it truly looks the part. But at a starting price of $110,000, the cost looks the part, too.

Like the Hummer Electric Vehicle (EV) before it, the new Hummer SUV EV comes under the GMC brand. It boasts a 300-mile range and will come in several variants that cost up to $110,000. The first edition will release in 2022 and be the most pricey, with future editions will release in 2023 for $90,000 and 2024 for $80,000.

Naturally, the latter comes with fewer features and less range, with the $80,000 model only managing 250 miles on a charge. That path follows the release plan for the previous Hummer EV GM announces.

A green Hummer EV SUV next to a white Hummer EV pickup

The similarities to the Pickup-style Hummer don’t end there. Like that vehicle, if you spend at least $90,000, you’ll get a crab-walk mode. In that mode, all four wheels can turn together to allow the Hummer to drive diagonally at slow speeds. If you need to get through a tight space, it might help. Of course, the Hummer is a large vehicle, so crab-walk can only do so much.

A interior of a Hummer EV with a large touchscreen dashboard.

Spending at least 90,000 will also get you an Extract mode, essentially an air suspension system to get you over large obstacles. Every Hummer EV will come with a 13.4-inch touchscreen center console display and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

A spacious Hummer interior with fold-out seats

If you think this sounds like the same vehicle as the Pickup-style Hummer with a new body, you’re not wrong. The two EVs share many of the same specs and design. But if you saw the first Hummer EV and longed for a more traditional Hummer look, then this should satisfy that craving.

Unfortunately, you’re going to wait a while before you can get your hands on the new Hummer EV. According to the GMC website, reservations for the $110,000 variant to be released in 2022 are full. You can sign up for one of the future variants in the meantime.

Source: GM

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