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Surprise! Android Malware Promising Free Netflix Did Not Provide Free Netflix

A Netflix logo with Jack Nicholson's scary "Here's Jonny!" face.

You never know what you’ll find on the Google Play Store. But if you see an app promising free Netflix, please ignore it and borrow a family member’s account like the rest of us. An app called FlixOnline sat on the Play Store for two months promising free Netflix, and naturally, it managed to dump malware on around 500 devices.

First noticed by Check Point Research, the FlixOnline app does not provide free Netflix access. Instead, it asks for several mobile phone permissions to gain access to the victim’s WhatsApp notifications. Then, it replies to all incoming messages with an advertisement for, you guessed it, free Netflix.

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Yes, we all deserve free Netflix “For REASON OF QUARANTINE.” But you’re not going to find free Netflix on the app store, or anywhere outside a genuine Netflix trial, for that matter. While this FlixOnline malware may seem like a simple worm, it could also be used to pull personal data from victims’ phones or hijack other apps.

Google removed FlixOnline from the Play Store shortly after its discovery by Check Point Research. Still, anyone with experience in technology could tell you that an app promising free Netflix is dangerous, and the fact that it flew under Google’s radar shows that you should avoid Android apps that look fishy or advertise claims that are too good to be true.

If you downloaded FlixOnline, you should delete the app and change the passwords for all accounts that you accessed on your phone. Maybe now’s a good time to generate secure login info with a password manager, or lock down your accounts with two-factor authentication.

Source: Check Point Research via Gizmodo

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