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DoNotPay’s Robot Lawyer Can Track Your Stocks Now, Too

The DoNotPay site with a "invest with the law on your side" option

Sure, plenty of people say you should get into the stock market, but it’s a risky proposition. Without the right information, you might lose your money (even with it, you still can). But finding that data is hard unless you pay lots of money. Or you can turn to DoNotPay, the Robot Lawyer.

DoNotPay is an artificial intelligence subscription service that comes with plenty of features like refund helpburner phone numberslegal contract writing, and free raffle entries. It’s a whole lot of capability for $36 a year. In the latest new add-on, DoNotPay wants to help you track stock info.

Dubbed “invest with the law on your side,” DoNotPay offers two main features, one included with the regular subscription and one that requires an add-on booster subscription. The first, included with the standard subscription, gives you access to a Stock calendar.

A calendar with selectable legal events concerning companies.

On it, you’ll find upcoming legal events that can affect a company’s prices—an expected date that the FDA may approve a company’s new medicine, upcoming earning calls, new bills and legislation that may affect a company, etc.

A stock chart for a medical company.

Knowing that information may help you determine where to turn your due diligence, so you can invest in a company before good news raises its stock. Just keep in mind, DoNotPay (and Review Geek) isn’t a financial advisor, and even if everything looks good, a company’s stock may drop anyway. More information is power but no guarantee.

A screen with options to add Tesla for stock tracking.

If you’re willing to pay an extra $35 a year for DoNotPay’s “Automated DoNotPay in the Background,” you can customize the service’s stock offerings with specific stock you care about. Or you can remove stocks you don’t want cluttering your view instead. And with the upgrade, DoNotPay will send you emails anytime there’s a major legal or regulatory announcement that concerns one of your stocks.

DoNotPay’s “invest with the law on your side” is up and running now, and you can sign for an account at the company’s site.

A handy robot lawyer


DoNotPay will help you with everything from traffic ticket disputes to curbing your email, all for just $36 a year.

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