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Wyze’s Latest Product is a $30 Smart Floor Lamp

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Robot vacuums, smart watches, smart bulbs, home security, noise canceling headphones—it’s starting to feel like there’s nothing Wyze doesn’t make. Now it’s adding another new item to the list. Wyze just opened up pre-orders for its new $30 Smart Floor Lamp. But this one feels different.

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Wyze says its smart floor lamp solves a problem that most floor lamps face: poor light dispersion. Poor light dispersion can make it hard to read, identify colors, and can lead to eye strain. To fix that, the Wyze Floor Lamp uses 15 groups of individual condenser lenses to direct light with a sharp
23° angle. It’s a task style lamp, with an flexible gooseneck setup.

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It also comes with an “AI wireless Bluetooth” remote, though Wyze didn’t specify what the “AI” (artificial intelligence) part does exactly.

Update: Wyze let us know the Bluetooth remote will learn your habits. According to the company, “After a few uses with either the app or the remote, it will learn your brightness preference at any given time of a day and adjust the brightness levels automatically. Other lamps might turn to the brightness level of your last use, but Wyze Floor Lamp will adjust the brightness by itself. So, your 5 p.m. brightness level is likely different from your 10 p.m. brightness based on how your use habits. Each time you turn it on, it learns your brightness level preference for that specific time of day.”

If you’ve ever fumbled under a lamp’s shade trying to find the on switch, a big round button probably sounds welcome. The button can cycle through 11 levels of brightness, and you can control the lamp with the Wyze app. The bulb is replaceable, though you’ll need another PAR30 bulb which Wyze will offer soon. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support Wi-Fi, voice assistants, and can’t be grouped with your other Wyze lights.

You can pre-order the Wyze Floor lamp today for $29.99 plus shipping, and it should go out in late May. We have a review unit on hand now, and will let you know what we think soon.

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Wyze Floor Lamp

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive floor lamp, with some smart home functionality, this may be the one. Pre-order now for a delivery sometime in late May.

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