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LEGO Luigi Starter Set Leaked on Amazon

A LEGO Luigi Starter Pack

The LEGO Super Mario sets are an absolute hit that even sold out in a day. But for a week or so now, rumors of a LEGO Luigi have been making waves. Now it’s all but confirmed, thanks to an accidental listing on Amazon China that has since been pulled. But we have the pictures.

If you want to see the complete listing, you can turn to the Wayback Machine which managed to archive the page before Amazon deleted it. Unfortunately, the details on the page itself were scarce, but thanks to pictures of the box set, we know a few details.

A LEGO Luigi course with Boom Boom, Pink Yoshi, and Bone Goomba

LEGO Luigi will come in his own starter pack, much like Mario. The names are even essentially the same, which means someday you’ll choose between an Adventures with Mario starter course or an Adventures with Luigi starter course (or both!). But while the two sets look very similar (like a warp pipe and course flag), you do get a few unique pieces with Luigi’s set.

Firstly, his set comes with a Bone Goomba, instead of the standard Goomba, a Boom Boom instead of Bowser Jr., and a Pink Yoshi. That last one is an excellent addition since the Mario Starter Course doesn’t include a Yoshi—you have to buy a set with Green Yoshi separately.

As for Luigi, LEGO didn’t just paint a Mario figuring green and call it a day. The mustache is different, and they gave Luigi some facial scruff. Not a full beard, but something akin to a day’s growth. He likely comes with his own voice and noises as well.

We don’t know how Mario and Luigi will interact (if at all) or the Luigi starter set’s price. It seems to come with more pieces and figures, though, so something higher than Mario’s $59.99 seems plausible.

LEGO still hasn’t officially confirmed the set, but when it does, we’ll let you know.

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