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[Update: Pre-Orders Open] Apple’s Trackable AirTags Arrive, So You Can Find Your Stuff

A series of AirTabs in different color cases.

Today, at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the company unveiled its long awaited AirTags trackers. For $29,  you can use them to find your Apple products or anything else. Unlike most Bluetooth trackers, AirTags can give you precise directions to find your stuff.

Update: You can now Pre-Order AirTags with a promised early May delivery.

Bluetooth tracking tiles aren’t a new concept, and rumors about Apple’s AirTag initiative have been floating around for more than a year. But now they’re finally here (or at least will be when they release). Like other Bluetooth Trackers, AirTags help you find your lost keys, purse, or anything else you might attach them to. They work off Apple’s Find My maps, which recently expanded to support third-party products.

An AirTag attached to a backpack.

But AirTags don’t just work off Bluetooth, which at best can give you a general idea of where a tracker might be. AirTags work off Ultra-wideband, first introduced in the iPhone 11. With Ultra-wideband, an iPhone could connect to AirTags and give you enough granular information to determine which part of the room you’ll find your tracker.

All you have to do is hold the Find My app and turn around slowly. An arrow will point you the way with Apple’s Precision Finding feature. Your iPhone will also give audible guidance, with directions like “AirTag is 9 feet away on your left..” Apple promises privacy with AirTag, and says it will “track items, not people.” You’ll get audible alerts from unknown tags, and it uses rotating identifiers to keep other people from tracking you. If someone else finds your AirTag, they can tap it with NFC to find a website to return it. The AirTags are IP67 water and dust resistant as well.

Apple's Find My app showing AirTag locations.

The AirTags will cost $29, or $99 for four. You can pre-order on Friday, April 23rd, and they release on April 30th. You can buy $29 polyurethane and $39+ leather loop cases for the AirTags to attach to your items.

A Precise Bluetooth Tracker

Apple AirTags

Finally, a set of Bluetooth trackers than can tell you precisely where your lost keys or purse can be found.

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