Nomad Launches AirTags Keychain and Glasses Strap with $10 Pre-Order Discount

Shortly after Apple announced its AirTag Bluetooth trackers, Nomad debuted its first AirTag accessories, the AirTag leather keychain and the AirTag glasses strap. Both accessories are available for pre-order and ship by July 20th. They usually cost $40 each, but Nomad is offering a special $10 pre-order discount.

Apple’s AirTag trackers are similar to Bluetooth trackers from Tile and Samsung. They connect to the Apple Find My network so you can always find lost keys, bags, guitars, or whatever else you put an AirTag on.

The new AirTag leather keychain and an AirTag glasses strap from Nomad add style and substance to your AirTags. Made from high quality materials, they’re a fantastic alternative to Apple’s official (and similarly-priced) AirTag accessories.

Pre-order the AirTag leather keychain and an AirTag glasses strap now for $30—that’s $10 off the full price for these accessories. Keep in mind that you also need to buy some AirTags, which start at $30 a pop.

Nomad Airtags Leather Keychain

Never lose your keys (or your sense of style) again with Nomad’s leather AirTags keychain.

Nomad AirTags Glasses Strap

Nomad’s new AirTags glasses strap ensures that you’ll never lose your shades again.

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags connect to the Find My network to ensure that you never lose your bag, your keys, your guitar, or whatever you attach your AirTags to.

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