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The Best iPhone XS Cases For Every Occasion

The iPhone XS is pretty great (and pretty expensive), so you’re going to want a solid case to protect it. We’ve checked out the best iPhone XS cases for keeping your beloved smartphone safe.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you can just use a regular iPhone X case on your iPhone XS. It’s the same size, right? Well, not quite. Apple has made a very small tweak to the camera bump in the back so that can means the vast majority of iPhone X cases won’t work. The length of the iPhone X camera bump is 24.13mm while the iPhone XS’s bump is 25.50mm, and that’s a crucial difference with more snug cases. As an example, Apple’s own iPhone X Leather folio case doesn’t fit on the iPhone XS. Fortunately, some iPhone X cases do still work—so if you’re upgrading and you have a case you love, give it a shot before going shopping.

Confused? Don’t worry; we’ve kept an eye on things. All the cases featured here are either exclusively for the iPhone XS or are iPhone X cases that have been tested to also work with the XS. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

Best Budget Choice: OtterBox Symmetry ($20)

Remember what we said about how some iPhone X cases work with the iPhone XS? The Otterbox Symmetry is one such case which is good news because, well, it’s pretty great.

It’s stylish and sleek, but it also provides some key protection. It’s capable of withstanding many drops and bumps, with a beveled edge that protects the screen on impact. It supports wireless charging too, unlike some other cheaper cases. Will it withstand a hefty drop or being run over by a tank? Er, no, but it is good for daily use and a great combination of style and protection. It’s available in many different colors too.

Best Screen Protection: i-Blason iPhone XS Case ($20)

The iPhone XS screen is a thing of beautiful wonder. You want to protect it. Buy the i-Blason iPhone XS Case and your phone and screen are well covered.

It has a shock absorbent TPU bumper with a scratch-resistant Polycarbonate back plate. That combination means it’s protected against dust, debris, moisture, as well as fall damage, while not being especially bulky. The front cover includes a touch-sensitive built-in screen protector, so you have all-round protection. It still charges wirelessly too.

Best Protection: Otterbox Defender ($22)

In need of a rugged case that offers serious protection? And you’re not bothered about how slim or sleek it is? Buy the Otterbox Defender. It’s bulky and not exactly stylish but boy, can it survive tough use.

A solid inner shell is backed up with a soft outer cover, raised bumpers, and multi-layered protection. Its port covers even keep out dust and debris from easy to reach places. There’s a belt clip holster that doubles as a kickstand too, which is sure to be useful in relevant scenarios. It won’t win prizes for its looks, but as a great case for keeping your iPhone XS safe, it can’t be faulted.

Best Slimline Case: Speck CandyShell Grip ($20)

For the thinnest case possible, you can’t go wrong with the Speck CandyShell Grip. Available in a selection of different colors, it looks far from cumbersome but it also offers some quality drop protection too.

It also has raised rubber ridges that provide a non-slip grip for your hand, with raised bezel screen protection to protect you from direct drops onto the phone face. Rubberized buttons also shield the volume and power switches too. You’ll hardly notice the weight of it, but you’ll appreciate the protection it offers. Around the Review Geek office, this particular Speck case series is well loved, with several staffers owning multiple versions dating back generations of iPhones. It’s the right combination of too-grippy-to-drop and good looking.

Best Added Storage: Spigen Slim Armor CS ($16)

A case doesn’t just have to protect your phone — it can do so much more than that. At least, if it’s the Spigen Slim Armor CS, that is.

As a case, it offers dual layer drop protection amongst a slim and lightweight design. The exterior is rigid while the innards are more aimed at shock absorbance. There’s a raised bezel that protects the camera too. Where things get a little more interesting is its storage slot. You can easily store two cards or some cash inside the cash, saving you the effort of carrying your wallet or purse with you at the same time.

It’s a neat little time and space saver, that’s sure to endear itself to some users.

Best For Feminine Style: Ted Baker Layyli ($55)

Style is obviously a subjective thing, but we’re quite impressed by how stylish the Ted Baker Layyli and Amelie cases are. Originally designed with the iPhone X in mind, they also work with the iPhone XS. Each case has an interior mirror so you can check out how you look while on the move.

There’s also a faux leather effect with a gold electroplated back shell for added style. It’s not going to look suitable in a business environment (but we have you covered there), however, as a fun way of adding a personal touch to your new phone, this is a great gift idea.

Best For The Business Look: Ted Baker Coatsie ($40)

Sometimes, subtle style is better than the in-your-face nature of a brightly colored case. That’s why we recommend the Ted Baker Coatsie Protective Folio Case. It looks the part for any important business meeting, plus it protects your iPhone XS.

A mixture of leather effect and brushed metal branding plates, it has a polycarbonate back shell that blends in nicely with the professional theme. There’s a card slot too, so you have somewhere to store a payment or travel card. It’s sleek and able to withstand a few blows, so it’s perfect for daily business use.

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