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Watch a Model Train Play Music and Set a World Record

A collage of a model train and wine glasses.
Guiness World Records

You can come up with some pretty crazy ideas when you’re cooped up indoors. But few lockdown projects match the giant, wineglass-playing model train assembled by employees at the Miniatur Wunderland museum. The project is so outrageous that it set a Guinness World Record for “longest melody played by a model train.”

Employees at Miniatur Wunderland filmed a “Lockdown in Wunderland” series to show how they pulled off the project. Basically, a train equipped with bumpers runs down a track, slapping wineglasses along the way. The glasses are partially filled with differing amounts of water to produce musical notes. All together, there are over 2,000 wine glasses in this project, a the train plays through about a dozen classical pieces from Beethoven and others.

Each wineglass is secured to the sides of the track with glue. The Miniatur team figured out that by setting some glasses on small risers, the train could play three or even four notes at a time, enabling the team to create an occasional chord.

You can watch the train play its giant medley of classical music in the above video. But be warned, it’s mesmerizing and might put you to sleep. I also have no idea how the camera jumps across the tracks in this video, so that’s for you to figure out.

Source: Guinness World Records via Nerdist

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