Lightning Fast DDR5 RAM Sticks Enter Production for Next-Gen PCs

A DDR5 memory module.

Chinese companies Jiahe Jinwei and Netac are now manufacturing the first DDR5 memory modules for next-gen PCs. The DDR5 modules are significantly faster than DDR4 RAM and will be compatible with Intel’s upcoming 12th Gen Alder Lake processors.

While DDR4 modules have a maximum clock speed of 2,400MHz, new DDR5 modules will improve RAM speed to a maximum of 4,800MHz without overclocking, according to leaked benchmarks (overclocking could lead to speeds of 6,400MHz). The DDR5 modules also run at a lower voltage than previous RAM sticks, and run power management through DIMM instead of the motherboard.

Jiahe Jinwei and Netac are currently testing 16GB and 32GB sticks with a nominal voltage of 1.1 and timings of 40-40-40. According to a report from MyDrivers, Netac successfully tested its DDR5 modules with ASUS and MSI motherboards before kicking its manufacturing process into mass production.

Companies like Jiahe Jinwei and Netac manufacture RAM modules, but they don’t develop or manufacture memory chips. Their early DDR5 modules use memory chips from Micron Technology, a leader in memory hardware and the owner of Crucial and Ballistix-branded products. The availability of DDR5 modules in 2021 and 2022 largely depends on memory chip manufacturers like Micro Technology, and of course, the release of 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs.

Source: VideoCardz, MyDrivers

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