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The 6 Best Single Monitor Mounts of 2021

Ergear, HUANUO, and VIVO monitor mounts against a multi-colored backdrop

The stand your monitor came with is probably fine, but if you’re looking to supercharge your workspace’s flexibility, then an aftermarket monitor arm is the way to go. These allow you to freely adjust the height, angle, and even orientation of your monitor, so your workspace always fits your needs.

Update, 9/14/21: Checked content for accuracy. Swapped in the HUANUO Single for the Amazon Basics Single.

What to Look for in a Monitor Mount

Monitor mounts may look simple, but there are things worth considering when choosing which one to buy.

  • Articulation: One of the primary benefits of a monitor mount is how flexible they are, so when it comes to articulation (how many joints the mount has), the more the merrier. Most mounts will allow you to adjust the tilt, angle, height, and orientation of the monitor to your liking, but we’ll specify if a mount on this list is missing any of these specifics.
  • Mounting Type: All the stands on this list use VESA mounts—the standard mounting bracket used for computer monitors. Most modern monitors feature VESA mounts, but if you’re not sure yours does, look at the back of the display and see if it has four screw holes in a large, square formation—if it does, then you’re good to go.
  • Support: Monitors come in all shapes and sizes, but mounts will be limited in the weight and size they can safely support. Every mount has a weight and size limit it recommends, and we’ll be sure to mention that in each section.
  • Style: There’s more than one way to design a monitor mount, but the most popular styles are clamp-on, freestanding, and wall mounts. Clamp-on mounts attach to the side of your desk with a clamp. These are the most popular, but they don’t work on every desk because they require a flat, robust surface on the top and bottom. Freestanding mounts just rest atop your desk like a normal stand, but they eat up a lot of surface area as a result. Wall mounts sidestep all of these issues by mounting into the wall, but that assumes you have a wall nearby you can screw into. Basically, there’s no “correct” style to choose here, it just comes down to personal preference and what works best in your setup.

Best Overall: ErGear Monitor Stand

ErGear monitor mount

This clamp-on mount from ErGear will cover all your basic needs well. It can support monitors up to 26.5 pounds and 35-inches, features full articulation, and there are even some handy cable management routes hidden in the arm. The simple styling will fit into any office, and it checks all the boxes you’d need it to—nothing to complain about here.

Best Overall

ErGear Single Monitor Stand

A well-rounded mount that will cover all your needs well.

Best Premium: Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Stand

Amazon Basics Single Monitor Mount

If you want something sturdy, then Amazon provides a pretty solid option. This all-aluminum stand is a toughie, allowing for all the adjustability you’d want, while also ensuring it won’t buckle under the pressure. It’s outfitted to support monitors up to 25 pounds and 32-inches, and comes in either black or silver.

Best Premium

Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Stand

A sturdy monitor mount for a higher price.

Best Budget: HUANUO Single Monitor Mount

Amazon Basics Single Monitor Mount

While a feature-packed mount is nice, not everyone needs that. If you want something simpler while saving a few bucks at the same time, then HUANUO’s single monitor mount should be great for you. It lacks the articulation of more advanced mounts, only allowing you to adjust the height and angle, but it does let you swivel up to 90 degrees. It also sports a metal clamp construction and can handle monitors up to 17.6 pounds and anywhere from 13 up to 42 inches.

Best Budget

HUANUO Single Monitor Mount

A simplistic, budget-friendly mount.

Modern: Jarvis Monitor Mount

Jarvis Monitor Arm

If style and elegance are your priority, then Jarvis has the mount for you. This mount looks great, is available in three colors (black, silver, and white), and has hidden cable management to keep things tidy. It can only support monitors up to 19.8 pounds and 32-inches, but if your display falls under that, this is a great, stylish mount.


Jarvis Monitor Mount

If you're focusing on style, Jarvis definitely takes the crown with this sleek mount.

Best Wall Mount: HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount

HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount

If you want to save even more desk space, then HUANUO has a great wall mount for you. This sturdy mount supports monitors up to 26.4 pounds and 35 inches, and anchors into the wall with a couple of lag bolts. Throw in plenty of articulation, cable management hooks, and some solid joints, and you’ve got an all-around great mount for an affordable price.

Best Wall Mount

HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount

Save all the desk real estate you can with this sturdy wall mount.

Best Freestanding Option: VIVO Single Monitor Mount

VIVO Single Monitor Mount

While freestanding mounts may not be as popular, VIVO’s model still comes in clutch with a great stand at a reasonable price. It looks simple from the outside, but it still allows for all the monitor adjustments you’d expect. It can support monitors up to 22 pounds and 32-inches, and is available in black and white.

There’s also a taller version of the stand available if you need some extra height.

Best Freestanding Option

VIVO Single Monitor Mount

Give your desk a break from all these clamp-on mounts with this great freestanding option.

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