Amazon’s New Fire HD 10 Kids Tablets Include a “Pro” Edition for Older Children

The new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet.

It’s a busy day for Amazon. Along with its updated line of Fire HD 10 tablets, Amazon is now offering pre-orders for an all-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet. The company has also revealed its new Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet for children who are a little too old for the standard “Kids” devices.

Both tablets run on an Octa-Core processor and pack 3GB of RAM. They also have a display that’s 10% brighter than previous Fire HD 10 tablets and charge via USB-C. In short, they’re the same $200 tablet, just with different target audiences. Amazon says that the standard Fire HD 10 Kids is for children aged 3 to 7, while the “Pro” model is for kids 6 to 12.

So what sets the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro apart from other Fire Kids tablets? The “Pro” model runs Amazon’s new “grown up” interface and homescreen, which looks similar to the standard Fire tablet GUI. With parent approval, kids on the “Pro” tablet can make video calls, browse the web with relaxed content filters, listen to iHeartRadio Family, and watch PG-13 content through Amazon Kids+.

Like all Fire Kids tablets, the new Fire HD 10 Kids and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro come with a protective kickstand case, a 2-year warranty (Amazon will replace it, no questions asked), parental controls, and a one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription for access to educational books, movies, and games. But the “Pro” model for older kids comes in a thin protective case, rather than the toddler-proof case that comes with standard Fire Kids tablets.

You can pre-order the Fire HD 10 Kids and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablets for $200 now. Amazon says that the tablets will ship May 26th, the same day as its new Fire HD 10 tablets for grown-ups.

All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1", 1080p Full HD, ages 3โ€“7, 32 GB, Sky Blue

Amazon's new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet sports a brighter display, an upgraded processor, and more RAM for games. It comes with a year of Amazon Kids+, a 2-year warranty, a protective case, and parental controls.

Introducing Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet, 10.1", 1080p Full HD, ages 6โ€“12, 32 GB, Sky Blue

Amazon's all-new Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet sports a less-childish interface than the standard Kids tablet, but retains the 2-year warranty, Amazon Kids+ subscription, protective case, and parental controls options.

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